Hello coffee. Good morning to you.

Yes, I'm talking to you, you soft large warm mug.

Good morning to you too mr bagel bomb!

Korkor this morning otw to mandarin class.

Poster of chuggington live! He's quite excited about it because we bought the tickets to the show and kept hyping it up. Hopefully with the hype he's not so scared to watch it. He likes them but I don't know how he will take to the darken hall. Will wait and see!

Last night I tried to intro the pacifier to didi. Free the nips!!

Don't seem to keen on it but he is ok sucking on it for a while. At least daddy can comfort him with it in the evenings when I go and shower and have some "me" time.

I'm stuck on you, mummy.

Tummy time this afternoon with korkor as audience.

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