Happy Mother’s Day

Good morning!!

Chat sessions with ah ma telling her Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day from batdude to me.

He also gave his mom a bouquet of roses!


Batdude came home from ICU rounds with the bouquet of carnations for me.

When he open the main door I was fixing the buggy board on the Stokke so had this look of concentration (read: resting bitch face)

He was all chirpy "happy Mother's Day!"

I'm like *grabs flower, look at him but mind on the buggy board and said thanks (I think I said thanks) and put the flowers next to me*

Totally ruined the moment for him. To be fair I didn't expect the flowers at all and I was in my "fixing zone"!

And for the gift, it was totally adhoc.

I already told him I was going to buy the iPhone SE because I needed a new phone. My 3 year old iPhone speakers is not working anymore. Whenever someone calls me, I can't hear anything unless I put them on loud speaker. Hardware problem I suppose.

So after lunch (at ichiban boshi of course for Isaacs teriyaki chicken don) casually pop in to the Mac shop and had a look. Asked if they had stock I wanted. Might as well get it now.

Was going to pay for it but batdude says "never mind la, I pay. Your Mother's Day gift la".

Hehe thank you. I graciously accept!

And that's how I scored a phone from him. ❀️❀️❀️

After dinner desserts.

I didn't get the hype of llao llao. But I wanted something sweet and cold. Walked around United square and thought I'll give this another try.

Turns out quite nice with the caramelised biscuit crumbs and the drizzle. Specullos cream drizzle. Yummy.

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