Oh my Lordy!

We just woke up at 9.30am.

I missed Isaacs school run and my morning walk. Luckily helper took him to school.

I just couldn't get up.

Playing with ah ma.

Last night shot of him wearing a onesie that korkor wore too.

Need to find the old pic and compare together.

Major #throwback

Taken on 9 January 2014.

Omg Isaac you were so so so cute!!!!


Why didn't I see it??

My mil caught a pic of #paucheeks smiling.

Really look like my brother. Got or not @jayelleenelial? Look like fatass right.

Brother, leave me alone la.

Yesterday evening I brought Isaac out for a quick nip to velocity. I was trying to look for curtain hooks. Enjoyed spending quality time with this big one and hearing all his remarks to me. Like how in NTUC he will tell me "no curtain hooks here one, only fruits and food!". Well, he is right because we are at the groceries aisle.

Left paucheeks at home with mil. Left him napping on his tummy. Mil said once I left, he cried! And when she went n check on him, he already flip himself to his back!

For a 1 month old baby, I think he's too strong la.

Can flip himself from tummy to back at less than 6 weeks.

Now I can't leave him unattended on the changing table or napping on our bed. Later roll off and bump his head!!

Who does paucheeks look like?

Contestant #1

Let's see how many votes, each garners.

Contestant #2


I think this one out la.

And contestant #4!

I'm thinking paucheeks looks a lot like #2 and #4

All baby pics r from my side of the family!!

Anddddd…..who more cute. Both in same onesie.

Both now look different from each other vs when newly born.

Did u fall asleep yourself?

If you did, thank goodness!!

I'm so god dam beautiful.

#majorthrowback like #20yearsago

#3, #1, #4 and #2 from left to right. 😱😱😱

Isaac has #3 look a little.

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