6 weeks|Mental health & post natal check up

#6weeks today!

Most of the time he's like this!


Korkor helping didi to release some gas.


Jiejie, jieeeee, wanna play???

No? Owrh. Ok lo.

This girl is so cute!!! Hubs cousins daughter. She was so "talkative" cooing the whole time we were there.

Not only that, kept smiling and giggling with her grandfather. So so so smiley. Such as joy to watch.

If only our two boys were as coo-ey as her, everyone would have melted to a puddle.

The shortest check up in history!

I've mentioned that my obgyn is the most "chop chop karipop" Doctor ever.

Today I had my 6 weeks review and it was done in less than 5 minutes. (Ok maybe it was close to 10? Not sure.)

I've got an sms from kkh to ask me to go for a mental health screening at another clinic, so I registered myself for appointment and went over the the Drs room to let the clinic assistant that I'll be going over for the mental health check up first.

I knocked and open the door n the dr was in and free! He saw me and said "oh I can see you first"

"Nurse, get her file. Oh u delivered on 30th March? Ok go lie down, do Pap smear"

And I'm like ok I need to whatsapp hubs to let him know no need to come cos I'm seeing the dr now! Oh then baby how? Luckily the clinic assistant was like "oh yeay! Lemme hold baby!"

And I laid on the examination couch, prop my legs up and my Pap smear was done!
So darn fast!!

"See u in 2 years, results send to u"

Then he whipped out the ultrasound to check if my uterus is back to normal and tissue lining etc not thicken. He declared all is good.

And there you go, the shortest consult and Pap smear in history!!

I was promptly escorted out the door and told to make payment and appointment thank you very much.

And it wasn't even my appointment time yet!

It's quite comical really, I would recommend him to anyone who wants a quick dr. He's not negligent, he knows what he's looking and doing.

Mental health check up

Right after that, I met up with a counselor who deals with the mental health check up.

Currently, it's a new service and it is still free.

She asked me a few questions on whether I've been crying, thoughts of harming baby, been blaming myself on anything, able to see the funny side of things etc

I found the questionnaires good in gauging the mental health of mothers if they were earnest and truthful in answering them.

I did tell her that the previous round I knew i wasn't in a good frame

of mind compared to this round. Told her that I was down in a funk but did not seek help because I had a supportive husband who listened but kind of brushed it off that I had some issue. We knew I was unhappy but we also knew the caused of it and tried to worked it out.

I also discussed with her that I had prenatal/antenatal blues. It was so bad because I wanted to abort Isaac because I couldn't stand being pregnant and was very down and couldn't feel happy about it. The constant nausea

did not help the situation.

I've asked my close friends who were o&g consultants and they told me they've never come across prenatal blues before only post natal.

So the counselor did say that she has heard of prenatal blues but it has not been throughly studied and she attributed my post natal blues as a continuation of the prenatal blues. I agreed.

I didn't have any love feeling towards Isaac till he was about 6-7 months and when the feeling came I had to deal with his anaphylaxis issue

I also think I had post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) of his anaphylaxis as I had very bad flashbacks of the episode all the time at work and affected my concentration too. I was constantly worried that he will get another episode of anaphylaxis when I'm at work, and what I've the helper couldn't epi-pen or zrytec him in time and he would really die this time. All this thoughts running thorough my head constantly lead me have a lot of anxiety and anger and also unhappiness.

Unhappy that I had to work and couldn't care for my child myself. But I felt I had no choice and had to work because we couldn't really survive on a single income as a foreigner in Singapore.

I certainly felt lost at that time. And with no concentration and motivation at work, I quit my job and took a break. Spend time with my son and reevaluated what I had to do. Should I go back to work or be a Sahm.

Eventually my anxiety subsided with the time I spent with the allergist and with Isaac the

Few months I was not working.

Cleared my doubts and had very good advice on management of his anaphylaxis.

This helped me with the blues as well and slowly I felt good again.

All this took about 1.5 years.

So when I finally got pregnant the 2nd time around, I made sure I was healthy (less process food, more paleo-ish lifestyle), worked out to give my body the best chance and had a good support system for my mental health.

So all is good. I told the counselor I know what causes my

Unhappiness, and this time around I did not want it to affect me.

She also adviced me that at anytime if I feel down for longer than 2 weeks, do call them up and seek health from them.

Anyway, I thought this is a great service and finally they are addressing more and more of the mental health issue for women after birth.

I also discussed on DMER (dysphoric milk ejection reflex) and whether she's heard of it. She said only once before when a patient told her about it. So this is her 2nd

Time that she has come across this term. DMER happens when during breast feeding, the let down reflex causes the mother to have a very low feeling, feelings of guilt, worthlessness and bad thoughts. But once the milk gets going, the bad thoughts go away after 10 mins or more from the let down reflex.

Thankfully I didn't have this but a good friend of mine did. She also had prenatal blues and had thoughts of aborting the baby. But I only found out after we gave birth n started discussing

how our pregnancy went and how our breast feeding journey was.

Wished I connected earlier with her. Could have saved both of us some heartache knowing we were both going through the same thing.

But, everything is good and fine now. I'm not letting issues that made me unhappy last time to affect me again (it still does but to a lesser disconnected way). I also think I'm more tolerant as I grow older therefore I can be more zen on a lot of things.

Although I'm hardly a zen person still.

Overall I had a good session with her without getting into the gist of it. Covered a broad spectrum of mental health issues that I would have like to know when I had my first one.

She said this is a new awareness help for new mothers and slowly they would address the prenatal women's mental health in the future.

And I think it's going in the right direction with raising more awareness to new mothers and getting more healthcare professional to be involved in this.

Eh, talking about this make

Me feel like I have a lot of problem like that.


Erghhh sorry if I went abit off tangent in my Dayre.

Mainly I'm just diarrhea-Ing my thoughts.

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