#paucheeks ootn

Isaacs #ootn

All bought especially for your big day!

14 May 2016

Congrats to auntie @doooduuu on her wedding last Saturday!

We had a good time catching up on friends and sharing the joy of the night.

We made it just in time to witness the solemnisation of #taykenbytng


Whilst waiting to get into the hall, we went trigger happy taking pics of the kids!

@Eviee spawn 2 finger strikes again!

This is my best shot of her when I ask her to smile!

Got into the ballroom and ready to eat.

But of course, didi ate first and I'm burping him.

Wohoooo! Finally walked in at 8.15-ish?? @doooduuu

Luckily not so starving so if not will throw tissue paper during your walk in ah!!

Nearer but a bit blur shot.

Nvm la. U want nice shot u wait for your official photog la hor.

Woawwww!! Jie Jie (give chance) @doooduuu so pretty!!!

As the night progressed, spawn 2 started giving flowers to Isaac! 😱

Luckily we told them to go play with the petals at the walked in area.

Give the adults a break & let them entertain themselves.

Spawn 1 Jie Jie had a job to care for these 2 young ones.

Good effort jiejie watching them πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Also dunno what they laughing about la.

Errr don't know what's happening, but it's not what it looks like.

They then collected more flower petals. This time in a more elegant manner.

Nah I give you all my petals.

Ohhhh, thank you!

Let me drink to the toast of your marriage.

May it be sweet and joyous

May you have a long marriage and lots of happy moments.

And most importantly, may it be full of abundance from your loins!

Faster kiss and have lots of babies!!

Congrats again from Batdude, me, #paucheeks and Isaac.

@strawbee camera takes good pics. Hehe.

#paucheeks smiling milestone

His been smiling for the past week now, but finally caught it with the milestone card, hence abit back dated.

A cheeky one!

A demure one.

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