Any of Fitbit users experienced a slight singe on your hands??

It was on the left hand initially and I thought I wore it too tight.

Changed it to my right hand and wore it looser. The above picture is on my right. Ouchie!

Good morning mommy!!!

So happy to see you this morning.

I totally had a good sleep.


Lunch date with batdude

Eggs with buffalo mozzarella and button mushrooms with pruscioto ham.

Atas appetizer at the local Italian restaurant. (Is there such a thing as local Italian? Lulz)

Mains of linguini crabmeat.


Home made tiramisu is, home-made.

Haha. But very authentic tasting. At least to me la. Very homely feel to it. Like uncle Luca made it for me to eat.

All SQ flights from San Francisco are grounded today!

Not sure because of the air Egypt crash. Not sure what's going on.

Lucky batdude did not go ssf this year for his conference because of the new baby. If not I don't know how my anxiety can take it.

I think I have an addiction to PB.

Walked into united square branch and walked out with 2 stuff. Well, I wanted to redeem my points la so I did but topped up another 15 bucks.

This is on top of yesterday shortalls bought in PB taka. Oh oh!


Don't think it's a good idea to live right across a mall.

@calistallicious gasp!!! Google says I'm not the only one leh!!!!

Really got other ppl kena burn also. Mine is similar to this dude one.

Other ppl got blisters with water inside oso. #fitbit hazard.

So I'm siting here, eating my Llao Llao and have been observing mamas and their babies in strollers and carriers.

And, in my observation, there is plenty of skinny mamas with Michelin dumplings.

And Michelin dumplings mama with drain pipe baby aka me.

I think the universe is telling me to put down that Llao Llao and start exercising. I've been meaning to eat better (as in more paleo unprocessed food) and start BBG! I'm not sure if I'm using the excuse of 'new maid must orientate' is valid

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