Moms Guilt

It has finally happened.

My tummy bloat is back.

7 1/2 weeks post partum.

I know the culprit, it's my long time frienemy, dairy. Specifically milk.

It was a good run while it lasted.

Today was a bit too much for my tummy to handle. Latte for breakfast, iced milk coffee for lunch and kopi for tea time.

Bye bye dairy. I really loved your creaminess.

(Updating live from porcelain throne @12.48am)

When your 4 year old son ask you to wear a frozen watch, you wear it.


Someone is so happy playing with daddy.


Omg daddy, you are too funny!!

*snort snort*

Stahp! Stahppp!!

Cannot already, cannot!!

Got to calm down a little.


That was a belly work out! I'm exhausted.

Mummy's guilt.

I do find myself playing and cooing with didi more compared to Isaac at this age.

And I feel guilty and sorry towards Isaac. Because of my "blues" I did not play with him or coo at him during the newborn stage.

Comparing both their photos, Isaac had a stony expression most of the time.

Did I harm him? Is there an irreversible damage from the inability to bond during the first few months? He seems happy now, but is he, scared?

Didi seems so much happier and very quick to smile and coo.

Just by looking at him, he'll flash you his gummy smile and crinkle his eyes. And of course, you can't help but smile and coo back at him and go "so cute la you!"

Then I feel, omg Isaac, are you feeling left out? Do you feel hurt? Do you feel like mummy love you less?

I certainly don't, but the attention given to you is definitely less now since I have to tend to didis needs.

How am I going to find a balance of giving you the attention you deserve whilst not neglecting didi.

Papa has definitely step up his game and be the main carer and attention giver. I know you still look for me when you have your meltdowns and unable to settle especially now when you refuse to nap and go bonkers by 5pm.

Sorry that I can't hug you as freely and easily as before. You still my sweet boy (although slightly sticky and smelly) and I actually miss hugging you to sleep. #icrai

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