8 weeks

Convinced Isaac that I had to go out and eat.

And eat leisurely I shall.

He has started his school holidays because today is end term party and we let him sit it out. We have no confidence in his class teacher watching him with food around. She cannot.

And tomorrow n Friday is parent teachers meeting where no lessons are on.

Hehe snuck in an orh nee post lunch snack. šŸ˜

Hoping he would nap whilst I go out lunch.

No such luck! Ok lo. Go home lo.

Paparazzi shot by the korkor

Didi, look here!

#8weeks today.

I need to maintain my good looks

Got to work them abs for the ladies. *hnnngggg*

Kor kor was trying to help hold up the milestone card

Kor kor wanted in on the action too.

One shot of him.

School holidays now and it's gonna be a handful!! I really Salute SAHM. It's really tiring caring for kids and doing house chores at the same time.

Afternoon don't want to nap!!! See what happens now.

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