Lunch with Sya


Lava French toast and yam cake at toast box


Can only eat without Isaac around.

Blur photo because lone woman carrying baby in a busy toast box looks a bit crazy snapping photo of pictures.

Before lunch, I already made someone work so hard baby sitting for me while I got ready.

Our starters!

Revenge!!! Eat all the raw fish. The uni was especially fresh. Not "liquidy" like the usual places serve you.


@calistallicious this is diet food. Unprocessed whole food.

Clam soup as second entrée

Then the good stuff kept coming!!

Melts in your mouth beef.

Boing but soft beef.

Lau nua beef.

Cannot go Japan like @doooduuu so this backdrop will have to do la

Aunty Sya, can you please bring me up the playground?

Of course she said yes! And I'm surprised Isaac went with her without a fuss. The urge to play is stronger than his shyness. #win happy for him

Of course I scolded her, asked wether she put money on the rides. Heng never! Sumore auntyfied already, ppl put money she faster put Isaac on the ride. #cheapthrills #savecoins

More action on the play area.

Thanks for playing with him @strawbee!

Meanwhile, I was busy stuffing my face with truffle fries and cappuccino. Didi had to drink ma!

@calvinadawn came along for tea time with sweet EB. But EB gave korkor Isaac some tough love. Hehe.

It's ok. Isaac has to get used to womanly wiles.

Happy customer with today's baby sitting services.

We were all very well taken care off today.

Next time more mamas come along? @hotcakes

After the outing today, someone is in such a good mood.

Especially with daddy!

I can't seem to capture his smiles as bubbly as daddy

Garrrrr so cute, so cute!



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