Isaiah is 3 months | Salted egg yolk McDonald’s burger review | Curtains at Ara crib

D: Let me tell you what happens as soon as I wake in the morning.

Mommy: didi cough is still very hacky because he doesn't know how to bring up the phlegm. Otherwise he is in good spirits!

I get greeted enthusiastically by big K!

He will hold my hand and ask me how I am.

AND START TICKLING ME!!!! Hehehhehehe!

Awww korkor, I love you too!

Also, exercise for the day courtesy of big K.

I am going to eat this today!!!!

Salted egg yolk and gula Melaka errthing!!!

@omamee @cikumuffin I brought Yusof to work today.


Tummy time!

Giving the sexy look

Back view of crazy hair

Ok la, front view better right?

Maid hair, don't care!

What's this is my mouth??

Hrmmm I don't like


Be gone u chutchut!!! Invented to bluff babies out of mummies yummy boobs

Hehe, better without it.

#flatlay my McDonald's

Burgers looks great and promising.

Even got curry leaves inside.

Legit looking.

Verdict: salted egg yolk is underwhelming. Maybe cos they just spoon abit on the patty. Curry leaves nice touch n crunch to it. Bite di got the aroma…cos it's curry leaves??

But I find the salted egg yolk taste abit "nutty". Maybe supplier put nutty flavoring to it.

This one I like!!!!!

Salty enough! Maybe cos msg spamming ah???

But…the crab flavor does not hit u in the face? It just taste like nice shaker fries?

The Gula Melaka mcflurry with kueh lapis is also not bad.

Gula Melaka syrup can taste abit.

Kueh lapis has the cinnamon taste to it but the texture is crunchy one lo. Macam freeze dried kueh lapis. I was πŸ˜’ cos expected the spongy texture of the cake la.

Looks promising with chili + curry leave bits of not mistaken.

Close up of the nuggets

Weird colour to it.

Ok, this one is a bit tasteless but the heat from the chili bits is there.

So I drowned it in the standard McDonald's curry sauce.

Ahhaah I just notice this.

Yes I am "jiak kantang"

Yea they totally zhenged it…..but not there yet!

Overall I would order the shaker curly fries again but not the nuggets.

The burger also won't order again. Mcflurry if ppl buy for me I will eat but won't order also. Haha.

Ok finish review liow. Can uncamp!!!!

Maybe can try once n do review…but that's about it la. Won't re-order.

Just receive pictures of curtains at our new place by the curtain lady

Living room and our mini chandelier for living room halls. With KDK 5 blade fan!

This is how the common room curtain looks.

The master bedroom curtains.

Love how she effort and folded the curtains!

Hamsap bathroom is covered with rollerblinds!!

View from the room side.

Roller blind view from the bathroom itself.




#paucheeks is 3 months today

Out takes from his 3 months milestone snap shots

This one look too slack

I love this. Will post this on my Instagram. Isaiah looking like a super hero himself with that pose!

This one also nice but right leg blurry

Sibeh bo song

Ok la, pose lady like a bit. Hehe

Stone look

Hey, stop taking my pics

I said stop that!!

You wanna take ah? Ok la, take la.

I'm putting him in the bouncer now to chart his growth from 13 weeks to 52 weeks!!!

No more milestone charting with the cards, so this is the way to record his growth la.

Found on my phone, pictures taken by Isaac.

His compositions not bad ah. Know how to angle the cars all.

Bye Isaiah!!! Took this picture before leaving for work. My little starfish.

Heyy girl…

Wanna go on a date with me?


After morning wipe down face. Feet so small, says grandma

Napping face, side profile.

Just woke up from nap!!
Happy to see everyone around.



Tummy time of course!

Aiya, only left eye got double eyelid. Right eye one hiding.

Lunch today.

Need them milk boosters

Stalked korkor when he got back from school.

Seriously??? Up the sofa??? Aiyoooo fall down how????

#cctv #stalkermomseries

I'm happy that my 2.30pm pump manage to get 4oz after salmon.

Usually it's only 2oz max 3oz!

Snacking on larabars, hoping to get more milk.

Later go home n eat dates after dinner. Heard it's a milk booster.

Durian definitely is one for me but so expensive la!!

Tonight I shall brew my nursing tea with honey and snack on majool dates

*whispers Yusof tayobbb to the husband after that.

Hahha. Malaysia's inside joke!

4.30pm after milk face.

5.45pm face.

I'm happy to see you too!!! 😘😘


Playing with his pillow in the bouncer.

Oooohhhh there's red bean soup in the fridge.

Will drink that n snack with 2-3 dates.

Snack time!!!!

Wooo!!! 9.30pm pump and I got 3oz.

That's 1oz more than yesterday.

So in total….drumroll….. I achieved 2 oz more than what I usually pump.

Actually, I know I'm not a mega milk producer. Tried taking all milk booster 3 years ago when nursing with Isaac also didn't quite happen.

I have a small capacity breast and the only way to make more milk is to empty it out often!!

Ok, tomorrow pump every 2 hours instead of 3hrs!!!

Not only do I have extra 2oz of milk, I have an extra 2kg of belly. Ok la I dunno 2kg or not cos I never weigh myself. But belly is huge.

This was yesterday p.m. Despite a hacking cough and stuffy nose, didi was quite cheery.

This morning after the whole night of mummy's all night buffet.

Glad he looks and sounds a little better today.

Back to business, Tummy time by grandma!!!

Ergh, please grandma, how about no?

I just got a little bit better and I have to exercise?????

Too tired already from the exertion.

Sleep first!!

And then korkor came back from school.

And the havoc started.

Because he wanted my milk too!!!!

He kept crying for mummies milk. But I got to drink it up. It's my only source of food, well at least for the first 6 months of life!

I want milk!

Very very frustrated because can't have my milk!!

I seriously can't keep up because I need to pump for 2 kids now. The pumped milk stored in the fridge will be gone in the morning because Isaac takes and drink it himself when he wakes!!!

How la. I really need to pump every 2 hourly on the weekends already. I kept saying I want to pump on weekends, but every time, we are out mostly.

Need to really be dedicated. Any other solutions?

This evening


Mummy's back!!!!

I get to drink milk on tap!!!

– this was taken around 5p.m when I got home. He was happy to see me and like wise!!! Korkor was busy watching something on YouTube.

But, no rest for the weary!

More tummy time!!

– manage to tummy time n smile and laugh at us for more than 5 minutes! I know because he was face timing with his other grandma. N he was looking like he is getting ready to crawl.

Anyhooooo, today I survived at work even though didi woke up every hour to nurse. Practically the whole night he had boob in mouth. And if accidentally unlatch, he will cry.

Had 2 meetings today sumore!

Hey hey mummy…

Yes #paucheeks?

I'm fabulous right????


Paucheeks coughing badly

Didis cries r so weak.

So πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

He has a massive cough and low grade fever.

And not enough rest because korkor keeps waking him up. And also passed the cough to him.

Passed the cough to me too.

I tried to video him coughing, but all I got was his smiles.

Updates on #paucheeks.

He has lost his voice, so when he cries, there is no sound. 😭😭😭😭

At least not feverish anymore because the whole of afternoon he was boobing. Think latching soothes him and the milk calms the itchy throat?

Alright didi, this is what we are going to do today!

We are going to tone up our neck muscles!

Ok, here's the drill. We got to do the duck pout….

Didi: *aiyo this korkor forever duck pout*

korkor: tadaaaa!!!! There you are!!! Neck up, chin up!!

KK: coochiicooochiiicuuuuuuu!!!

DD: oh Lordy. I'm so blessed with this big brother of mine.

Quick, take a shot of me posing

Nice decent-ish shot of both of them.

See see…talk so much eat so slow. Hahaha. @ahboyNextDoor

Kop a durian from him too!


Flesh got abit defected but the uncle replaced half the fruit.

Good night lovelies!!

Husband level up!!

Today I would like to record this meal and say that my husband, batdude made it for us.

He made the guacamole from scratch!!!! It is so creamy and yummy.

And the beef mince filling was so flavorful.

It's absolutely well executed for someone who doesn't cook!!!

I assembled my tacos this way.

It's absolutely delicious!!!!!

With sour cream on top to cut out the cloyness from the moleeh!!

Oh my goodness!!!!

Thank you so much for dinner.

#husbandachievementunlock #mexican #tacos #guacamole #solucky

Even my mom said it's very good!!!

Not only that, today he babysat these two boys all by himself.

Me and my mom went to run errands and the helper went to get groceries.

And this was after batdude went n drop n pick up Isaac from mandarin class.

Husband not working on the weekends is the best thing ever!!!

Some of the pictures he took when didi was smiling happily at him


So happy Hor.

@growingwiththetans I'm sure you watch it! He came in bad shape and now, he walked out of the ICU!!

Icing on the cake for the NICU team from ttsh!!!!

Isaac.. When he grows up.

Last nights dinner.

Fish cakes.

Lemongrass salad


Didi not eat this because no veg to fill my tummy please.

Green curry chicken is good

Super shiok seafood otah in coconut.

At the bottom u can scoop up all the tender coconut flesh. It's so tummy

I love this the most!!

Fish in lime n pounded chili padi maybe ? broth.

It's so so so hot!

Fried chicken.

There was tom yam kung as well.

My sleeping child on free nanny services.

Yupppp. She's pretty good!!

Kiss didis hand

Eeeeeew so smelly.

Baptism of fire happened this morning.

Contractions was level 4 of child birth. 10 for full birth pain.

Because of dinner last night.

My favorite biscuits!!!!!

No other coffee flavor compares!!

And queen bee @strawbee got me the big tub on just coffee flavor.

Thank you thank you.

I love you!!! The person and the cookies. Hehe.

Look at these beauties.

All for me!

Sorry batdude. None for you.

Nawwww. But actually korkor is stuffing didis hands into didis mouth.


Hehehehe was that nice didi??

Guess who's hands is that on didis neck

Tummy time!!

Thanks a grandma @maryannsee for the photos and baby care services! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Aforementioned torturing from korkor going on.


Lunch today!!!

Milk boosters. Because my afternoon pump had 3 oz. usually only 2oz. And breast fullness after that. #win!!

Otw for volunteering services.

Bring some cheer to those who need it.

Never been so happy to do visiting!

Pumping on the go in vivo city baby room.

Meeting up with the rest of my colleagues for lunch before we head off to the afternoon visit!

Watching #paucheeks video my mom sent this morning whilst pumping.



Tortured by korkor and still loving it.

Visiting got us through narrow block ways

Pretty red bricks

And now we're done!

#Paucheeks is 12 weeks | Day 3 of work updates!

Good morning.

Just out of bed look. My mom says giving the "whatever" look πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

After morning wipe down and milk!!

Didi: sigh, another day and this big one right here is not letting up on his "attention" to me.

Korkor: work that duck pout!!!!

Didi resigns to fate.

Korkor is STILL working it.

Apparently korkor did not want to bath this morning. But he came out from his room with this outfit combo.

Not bad!! He changed and chose the outfit himself!!

My view when I'm pumping.

Let's see if this landscape changes in exactly one year!

Plan to fully pump for 1 year, 3 times a day.

2nd year 2 times a day probably.

Can this be considered my #dayretimecapsule posting?

My mom says didi is going to be a tough boy!

Smiling to korkors vigorous shaking of his legs.

For lunch I had kway chap add braised duck with yam rice.

Cos normal meal not enough for me ah.

Finally downloaded snapchat.

This would totally be my daughter if i bred with Chris Hemworth. Cc: @delight

This more like me!!!

Well I wished this was me in primary.

Instead I was this!!!


Isaiah is 12 weeks today!

12 weeks today!!!!

Still can wear the onesie from 1 week old.

Hello there cutie, I'm looking at you 😘😘😘

Blurb…out takes. Looking like the seahorse on the milestone card.

Stun look

Gugugu…running out of narratives.

2nd day was much better even though I was almost 1 hour late to work hehe. I missed a meeting sumore but my boss say it's ok!!

#paucheeks was still sleeping so nicely before I left so I couldn't nurse him. Had to fasterly pump once I arrived at work hence missing the meeting.

Then I found Isaacs name tag for yesterday's event and my heart went ❀️❀️❀️❀️ naww.

Put a smile on my face.

Mom sent me a picture of didi when he woke up at 9am.

So cheerful.

Sent a picture of korkor too. Doing his duck pout.

Spied on cctv the activities that is going on.

Can see didis leg kicking in glee on the bouncer.

Morning milk time must hold granny hands πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Afternoon updates

Leave me alone!!!

Don't get it one lo this guy!

What do I have to do to get some peace around here?

I think the office coffee is not cutting it for me.

2 cups today, and I'm still darn sleepy. Did not have the "charged" feeling.

Otw home now!

Can't wait to see the boys and faster get didi to latch!!!!

Having letdowns on the bus home is no fun!!!! πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

First Day back to work!

Hahahha good morning!!!

Today he's following me to work because it's bring ur kids to work day.

Perfect for my first day back at work too.

Now only manage to pump 2nd time at nearly 2pm.

#cctv n see #paucheeks sleeping/chilling in bouncer. No crying heard, so good la.

Isaac is watching inside out in one of the conference room and eating chicken rice.

Work was tiring!!

Koko passed out!!

Came in the door and lay down on the mat and πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

So nice to come back and play with this one!!

I'm glad to see you too

Too happy to see me


Oohh yes? I'm handsome?

Yes indeed if I do say so myself

He has been trying to turn himself over these past few days.

So I took half day leave because Isaac just couldn't stand the whole day there.

And neither could I! I had some emails to clear, sat through a meeting (and Isaac came in half way because he got scared watching a movie n cried out for me- yes, he was in the boardroom with me). I couldn't even pump at 3 hrs interval cos Isaac so emo la.

So tired. I came back and took a 2 hour nap!!!

I hope tomorrow will be better.

Father’s Day 2016

This morning our apartment had false fire alarm.

Civil defense came anyway. And Isaac refused to let me take pic of the fire truck. He scolded me for taking a picture of it. Hermmph!

Left little brother at home to go out for breakfast with Isaac and daddy.

Ahhhh…can eat nicely without baby struggling in the carrier and asking for milk.

Saw this hush puppies esperidella (?? Spelling) and tried it on.

Quite comfy but batdude says look like kungfu shoes, so I guess it's a no 😞

Happening now!!!!

Convinced Isaac to watch a animation movie on our computer.

And if this passes, maybe can bring him to watch animation in a cinema!!

First we were watching finding nemo but he got scared of the Sharks and he ask us to change.

We switch to "Cars" and he was super excited about lighting.

Trying to get this small one to self entertain!

But he keeps arching his back like "bo song"

Omg!! He manage to flick the hanging mobile in front of him!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

Yes!!! Fell asleep himself!!!

Although eyes briefly flick open when I took this picture.

Salted gula Melaka waffles for tea time.

And didi slept in the pram…I was kinda trying out what I read in this book


It teaches delayed gratification.

It teaches my baby to wait.

It teaches baby to sleep through the night.

I'm liking what the books say so far and manage to let him nap! Twice!!!

Stay tuned for more "reviews!"

Happy Father's Day to you, batdude!!!!

Here are the fruits from your loin and best part is, they get to celebrate the day with you doing absolutely nothing!!!

We love youuuuu!!!


Your family. πŸ’πŸ’β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

#cheapest #fathersday #ever

Ps: totally forgot it was Father's Day until 5 minutes before I posted the above ☝🏼️☝🏼☝🏼

Haha. It's like that one la hor…but you better not forget Mother's Day horrrr.

Didi, I got something to tell u

Yes korkor, I'm all ears.

Really??? He said that??

That's terrible. What r we going to do about it?

Nvm…we just chill and do our own thing.

Molly Liquid Lipstick review

I got mail!!!!!

Thank you @strawbee

What a lovely surprise when we got back from KL last night.

Ok la, not surprised cos I knew it was coming, lovely welcome back gift then? ❀️

Love the pink sticker as always.


2 matte liquid lipstick!!!

Top is Impeccable

Bottom is Gaga.


Let me brush my teeth then get dressed n make up face then I do review ah. Hehe.

Pumping milk BRB.

#boliow post.

I've got 4 mossies bite which is in a shape of a V.

V for vendetta ah???

Isaiah also has a lot of red spots on his face and nose due to the bite and I've on my neck and chest too.

#nofilter #noedit

I heard didi crying so faster slap on some slap n draw eyebrows and put mascara.

Then I applied this Molly in Gaga!!

So vavavoom! Glides on easily and dries quite fast. Oh I also scrub my lips cos it was flaky this am. #dayremom

Update after 15 mins wearing it.

I don't feel that it's flaky or thick or sticky at all. In fact, quite comfortable. Cos I have the fan blowing at my face n my hair is flying madly everywhere but it doesn't stick to the lipstick!!!

Need fan cos freaking sweat like pig when #breastfeeding. Also, cos I'm wearing the #Wink #shapewear. Lagi hot!!! Like sauna.

Cannot liow. Need to switch on air-con.

Sibling shot of the day. Someone's not too happy

Hehe joking la. Just needed to be camera ready

Smile nicely give you la


Put your hands up if you are happy!!!

Ok boy, you got to do some BMT

Hrngghhh cannot, korkor keep disturbing me!

Huhuhu, help me le

Nrrnnghhh. Sibeh difficult to show off with the big one around.

All of us today!

Guess who is on a date with mummy in a German beer house for lunch!

And I left Isaiah home with the helper.

I told her how to reheat the milk already.

I boob him one side before I left. And he fell asleep.

Hope he will take the bottle and be easy on her.

I'm going to jalan jalan (read: popular book store) with my first born!

Fried beehon with pork knuckles!!

Finish eating. Now got hooked to those put coins car.

I cctv them and #paucheeks crying so loud!!!!

Crying for 15 mins liow.

I see her trying to sooth him. Here she just got out from kitchen. Prolly to heat milk up.

Ok ok manage to put him to sleep

Now coffee and snack time with a new book.

I don't know what made me buy the book for him. But I felt sorry for him so I bought it.

Although I told him I can only buy the cheapest book.

Drinking from bottle a success

The position like that means his drinking la hor???

Hi5 going on in united square.

But look at where he is looking.

Definitely not on hi5 lo

Video game wins!


Night look

Wearing Impeccable on my lips πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

In evening light.

Dinner tonight. Smoked duck.

Short ribs

Beef brazen

Mocha and peanut butter chocolate cake.

Someone is also still up at this hour.

First Laugh

Just wanted to record down today that Isaiah made a deep hearty chuckling laugh.

I put him down on his dresser which is somehow his favorite place. For sure get smiles from him when we put him down there.

And today super good mood or what that he really laughed out loud. Twice!!!






No unicorn colour hair.

Hair dresser don't let. She say outdated and ruin my hair.

Which is true la. So we compromised a bit.

Will see how it turns out.

Only bleaching part of hair.


Forgive my RBF.

My RBF is so bad @delight

Liking it so far even though it's not Unicorn hair.

Happening now. So shiok.

I like pedicures. Can fall asleep.

Red prawn.

Eating now after hair and mani/pedi

Meeting Omamee and Anggooboy πŸ˜πŸ˜

Otw to meet up!!!

@omamee Anggooboy is so cute. He saw me taking picture, he smiled nicely for me!!

Then he tried smiling with no teeth like how his mummy teach him. So adorable! 😍😍😍

These two were very cute together.

Isaac offered him to play his cars. He always offer his toys to other kids to play one.

Actually very fun to watch him nego back his toys. #assholemom

Then Anggooboy saw me taking pic, he also turn and smile at me.

And ya, doing his signature pose, "don't look at camera" pose.

I got one looking at the camera!!! #success

Sharing a joke together.

The boys got along well actually. Play dates are really fun to bring out their personality.

Make them "open" up to more people their age and there abouts.

It also builds confidence in them interacting with someone new and they approach new ways of playing!


I really love play dates as I also get to chill with other moms and learn from them.

Thank you @omamee for taking your time to have brunch with me.

She is as fun and nice as her dayre!!! Quite nice and funny to talk to her!!

At first she say nervous wanna meet me, then I draw up an agenda, so we can be prepared for our "meeting". I'm a trained secretary, amongst other things haha #joke.

@wokandkadhai next hor, yamcha with you.

Oohh what I had at Jibby & co.

Casablanca eggs!

@omamee why you so generous!!!!

Thank you thank you!!!!

Isaac likes the blue one (as usual) hehe.

Sia suey only didn't get anything for anggooboy!

Lucky faster pay for our meal. ☺️☺️☺️☺️


Satay Kajang. And Satay of all kinds.

Liver and gizzard, beef tripe, mutton, chicken and beef. Love it.

This evening, visited my aunties and cousins and had a good time catching up with them.

Also there first time meeting #paucheeks.

And tomorrow another pack day of running errands.

Honestly my trip back down so pack. Everyday had something to do!

Tomorrow a curtain lady will come and measure the Windows too!

#paucheeks came back from outing all bright eyed and bushy tail.

Loving his smile here. 😍

Ara Damansara brand new place. For RENT

Today we went and check out batdudes new place in Ara Damansara.

Just collected the keys


Living area.

Kitchen to the left

Entrance of the unit on the right

Dry yard

Common bathroom

Common room

With built in cupboards

Master bedroom

With see through bathroom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Me and paucheeks on the reflection

Master bathroom

Master bedroom built in cupboards

Before we left, we took a picture of the dining/kitchen area.

Hehe. So cute my dad.

And another view of the living.

Hie ah ku and Isaac.

After viewing the place, this is me literally!!


I bought all the lights and fan and doorbell. Delivery and installation on Monday!

Then I went to #buybuybuy 8kg Panasonic washing machine top loader and 333 liter Panasonic refrigerator!!!

Nearly RM6k πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ
Delivery also on Monday!

After this, I'm getting curtains. I hope I can get someone to measure and install the tracks and sew the curtains.

I know what curtains to get. Similar to what @sieuee has for her place. Hehe. Easy.

And once that all done….

It's open for rental!!!

If anyone is interested to rent or know any body who wants to rent, do give us a holler!!!!!

Can email me at

Ermmm anybody wanna help me be agent also can. Email me πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌβ˜πŸΌβ˜πŸΌβ˜πŸΌ

Thank you thank you 😘😘😘😘

Happening now.

Annual hair do over.

@cikumuffin for you. 😘😘😘 I ate lots of kuih for u. But no seri muka


@doooduuu @calistallicious @enihsnus @xsnow

Unicorn colour hair on Tuesday!

Cos too long at salon, Isaac and Isaiah cannot stand long.

Today took us 3 hours!!

Both the boys got a hair cut too.

But for didi I abit heartache ah

Getting his first virgin hair cut.

My heart πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

The hair infront all shorten. Sides of the ear too.

Thankful just a little…very little trim.

At one point, didi shouted at the hair dresser. Hahha.

Thank god not much of a difference.

Brothers chilling.

Didi was cooing at korkor

Happening now!

At inside scoop

My cousins kids and Isaac playing on the swing at inside scoop.


Pure joy!!! N lots of giggles.

Morning chats with korkor


Morning mug shots. πŸ˜‚

I can haz double eye lids.

Bus selfie!!!!

We're on the way back to KL. Wohooo!

Going back to KL

Isaiah super excited. Haha

Both boys are asleep!

All down!

@klutzclumlov @calvinadawn I haz my naan fix!!!!

With tender tandoori chicken too!! I is happy!!! 😘😘😘

Bus shenanigans

Didi is very concerned

Worried look.

Nvm, I shall give you a kiss!!!

Don't worry ok??

Omnyomnyom #paucheeks

Chit chatting after Kong Kong picked us up.

"Mummy, the bus ride was awesome. I wish we can do it again"

One with korkor.

He throughly enjoyed it. So excited throughout the ride.

Mummy wanna zonked out. 6 hours journey.

Left sg at 10am reached KL 4.30pm

There was immigration checks that took a while on the Singapore side and a minor jam in seremban. Two cars caught in an accident and 1 was in flames!

Otw to dinner with mummy in my car seat.

Paucheeks is #10weeks today.

Good morning everyone!

Ok ok! I know previous pic too serious.

Give you a little smile.

Korkor, I'm so happy to see you this morning.

Come we play together la

This morning mee sua with pork slices.

And I'm finally getting around to finish the essence of chicken with red dates and goji berries from @Eviee

This one very nice to drink!!!

Lunch at kitchenette!!

Today is Wednesday which is 1-1 waffles!!!

I got the bacon and ham waffles. Yums.

Andddd #paucheeks is 10 weeks today!

Why so serious.

Actually he was smiling loads, but I couldn't catch one where the card was upright and he smiling.

So wriggly!

This one nice but composition out.

Not looking to the camera, and milestone card not straight.

Oh my Wink shape wear Lai liow Lai liow!!

Key to hotness is here!

I hope this fits!!! I bought L size btw cause I'm still quite large.

When I first tried it on with the furthest hook at the top, the underboob part.

My initial thoughts were like omg….it doesn't fit?????

But nvm. Preserver, hook all first then see how.

Got to hold my breath a bit.

Ok!!! Heng can hook all! Crotch also can!!! Nvm if it's the furthest, at least can wear. I don't feel like busted sausage. I feel like bak Chang only!!!

No squeeze till can die feeling. Just some Very fitting feeling which is bearable.

Look in the mirror and like omg, I'm actually so pui one ah.

How come everyday I admire myself when naked I tot I look dam good.

My self esteem too good already. Sumore batdude also neh say I'm fat. Sumore say "amazing u can wear your pre preg shorts after 6 weeks!"

See, give me false sense of security. I need to buck up man!

Better lock my mouth up.

Eat my non processed food.




Tomorrow I'll be heading back to K.L

It's "eat all the food".

You know, I shall put the shape wear to test!

If I wear errday and eat all the food and I still lose inches, then everybody, buy the god damn shape wear.

Means, confirm it works!

So we shall see in 1 week (cos I'll be down till the 16th).

Haakaa silicon breast pump review

Mummy is here, so made her make mee sua for me!!!


There is a new Thai restaurant in velocity!!!

It's so nice!!!

Going to eat here eerrdayyy!

Ordered pad thai, coconut seafood otah, lemongrass salad and coconut milk ice shake!!

So good!

They used to be from funan digital mall.

My Haakaa pump is here!


It's a simple silicone hand held pump.

With beautiful flower imprinted on it.


Very swee!

I hope it works.

Going to use it when didi latch and I will put this on the other side.

I'll let you know the outcome.

I know @jayelleenelial says it's awesome. Her husband also say it's awesome!!

Thanks Jo for being my dealer hoho

#paucheeks so interactive this morning. 😍😍


Fed didi one side n just adjust n gentle push this on my other boob.

Didi was playing more than actually drinking.

Less than 5 mins duration.


Omg. Revolutionized milk collection system is here!!!

1 oz it says on the pump

But when I pour out on the avent milk collection cup, it's only 1/2oz about 20mls.

Nah pour it out to measure.

Even though haakaa says 1 oz, and actual measurement is only 1/2oz, I'm already very impressed with it.

@growingwiththetans get this la!!!! No pain, no brains also can use.

#paucheeks this morning.

I think he grew longer cos previously when he wore this pj, his feet couldn't even come out.

Happening right now.

#fatdieme but whatever makes me happy means producing good quality milk!!

This is the first time I used the love me swaddle on paucheeks, and it's been 4 hours since I put him down to sleep.

He's not waken yet and sleep so soundly. Usually he will be fussing a lot!!! Grunts and rubbing his face with his hands that escape from the normal clothes swaddle. His hands doesn't escape from SwaddleMe swaddle, but he moves a lot in them. Like his legs will do crunches and lifts up constantly.

So, so far so good in this. I'm buying another 2 more if he sleeps well in this!

Aiyooo I cannot sleep.

My boobs getting harder liow.

Didi is sleeping too shiok already.

5 hours and counting.

Breakfast this morning was French toast, ham and avocado. Drizzle with lots n lots of maple syrup πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

First time tapping in and out of a bus!!!

I bought an avengers lanyard for him to put his concession card!

He was so chuffed. Like a big boy. Teaching him life lessons πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I was on a mission!

To hunt down Swaddle Up in sizes M and L on sale.

So…I went to KKH Mothercare. Paragon has no more sizes for those on offer and those with sizes are Not on Sale.

@growingwiththetans take note!!! Go buy buy buy. I don't know other branch of mothercare maybe got size. KKH no more S size.

@delight after sale; Love to Swaddle Up Organic in cream: $39.13 (M size)

Original in Triangle print: $34.93(L size)

50/50: $41.90 (L size)

More loots on 15% off.

For Isaac and Isaiah.

Captain America vest, avengers jammies, and Thomas socks for korkor.

Skip hop feeding bundle and avengers socks for didi.

@calvinadawn @growingwiththetans mothercare GSS 15% everything off up to 15 June only. Quick buybuybuy.

Was not planning to buy this. But I calculated individually everything was more than $39.90 which was stated. So BUY!!!

Consist of plate & bowl set, straw bottle, fork & spoon and tuck-away bib!!!

I calculated the bowl and straw bottle set by individually also reaching 39 liow!!

Selfie with my paucheeks

Breeebbb πŸ˜ƒ

Sleeping like an angel.

Omg my ah Beng son

New Captain America vest worn over his old long sleeves PJ.

New pants from the Avengers pj set

New Thomas socks.

Dam out his fashion, but he slept happy.

He said he was a chef, going to cook chicken for my mum. Wtf

Chuggington Live!| Maternity shots

Top: babystyleicon
Bottom: Next
Shoes: Nike

Outing with daddy!!!

So happy

Hahaha I've never seen his face so ecstatic before.


So so happy

Got in to the hall

Chuggington live

He was very happy

But stone face throughout the performance

Got a bit scared during the start of the performance. Closed his ears.

But after 5 mins, he was ok.

And when it all ended, he turned to batdude and said "Barney and friends coming soon right?"

*hint hint*


Wah Lau. This friend of mine ah, we were talking about her getting pregnant for #2.

Talk talk then send me all this photos.

Tsk tsk. So vulgar.

This one also. But it's true la. HAHHAHAHA

To counter the terrible picture above


Loving the shots my SIL took of our maternity shoots.

Series of pictures with Isaac

So feels

Bird Park visit

Breakfast today is hash brown, avocado, bacon and omelette with beef and asparagus.

We went to the birdpark today!

Off to see the flamingoes!!!

It was drizzling on and off the whole day. Manageable. At least it wasn't scorching hot!

Also, Big Puah, Medium Puah and Small Puah in a row πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Rare moment he was inside the stokke.

Most of the time I was carrying him.

Gave up after 4 hours and pawn him off to my mom.

#ootd top by @pingu78 from cotton on

Jeans is Next but it's 3 years old jeans. Yup my boys all no butt n short so can wear pants a few years one.

Paparazzi inception.

Hello. Looks so worried here

Doing the flamingo with the flamingoes.

He really likes them flamingoes.

#paucheeks of the day. Old man look in the morning

Serious look after birdpark.

Reminds me of dragon ball character or something with the hair.

And act cute face.

Bumped into an old uni friend in cbd running errands.

Some manhunt contest.

He used to date the prettiest girls. From miss Malaysia petite to some models.

And now, he has a boyfriend, guys. When I saw him just now, he stunt like vegetables. Haha. Didn't expect to see me.

Outing with #paucheeks

Ring sling is streamline and fuss free but my shoulders!!!!!!

After 2 hours cannot already. Frozen ah! Sore ah!

Ahjia with grandchild

Sesame costed seabass for lunch.


I left him at 11.30am to runs some errands. He requested to watch Barney on my moms iPad. I was in a hurry so I let him.

And when I was lunching I checked the cctv and lo n behold!!! At 2.30 pm still watching!!! Helper gave up asking him to stop she fell asleep on the table waiting for him.

Isaac busy singing and dancing.

@calvinadawn for your consideration.

@mummytong did u buy this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jk ah….joke. Cos it would be so cool to run a resort there. Like Gulliver's island!!!

Masak Masak at Singapore National Museum

Spinach, cherry tomatoes and bacon frittata.

Eaten with truffle cheese and toasted ham.

And black coffee of course.

Child labour.

That's what you get for waking didi up. Rock him back to sleep please korkor.

Masak Masak

We went to the national museum today for Masak Masak, Baby Block Meets a New Friend with @enihsnus and her 2 bubs!

Also 11th hour arrangement! She texted me at 10pm the night before asking want to have a play date and suggested this.

Since I'm free, let's go! And I've never been to the museum.

It was fun. The interactive exhibits was really cute too.

Block Up!

Started at the Block Up!

It encourages children to explore, interact and learn about different shapes together.

But we did none of that!!! Isaac just wanted to go hide in the blue blocks and emo because there were a lot of ppl on the bouncy slide.

Refused to get on the bouncy slide.

Scolding me for taking picture

Warming up. Got into the blocks and did some peekaboo


Found a hiding spot.

With @enihsnus

Let's Play!

Snakes and ladders.

It was suppose to be role play where the kids are suppose to roll the dice and be human tokens and move with the numbers.

But nope! Boys are more interested in rough housing and going up and down the slide. Didn't even notice the numbers on the steps and the floors. The attendant did try to get them to "play" the game but nahhh, no attention span.

I only saw a couple of girls patiently rolling the dice and moving according to the numbers.

Down the ladder.


Under the tunnel

Love the snake and ladder set up



Roll the dice.

Coloring at Block Up!

Blue my fav colour

Gab, yours is a little messy

I coloured inside the blocks.

Tadaaa my art work

La Bestiaire

This was supposed to be an imaginary zoo by French artist but the boys did not get it.

I think they were too young to understand the abstractness of it.

You could make your own mask, which we did not because it was $2

Clumsy Dumpty on the Wall

Clumsy wall is where the kids suppose to complete the puzzle before the blocks slip back out.

Got to have good coordination. Isaac had fun putting it in again and again when the puzzle keeps slipping out. Every time it did he would exclaimed "Ai yaya!"

Like some drunken Mexican man. Gabriel would laugh at him.

It's really cool. Once u got it to stay on the blocks it will light up.

Then it was snack time. As usual Isaac loves sharing his food with everyone.

Chocolate cookies for the win.

Didi was also snacking.

You want some more?

It was pouring when we wanted to head back, so the kids were so well behaved and read some pamphlet quietly.


This was after the security guard told them off for siting on the ledge of the window and playing with the cars that Isaac brought.

But, boys will be boys!

Too cute! Whilst waiting for the rain to stop

#paucheeks is so responsive.

Tickles my heart.

Plus, I realize his cheeks not Pau-like anymore. How ah?

Pororo Park Play date!

Breakfast of toast top with avocado, smoked salmon and Gouda truffle cheese.

Exactly #9weeks old today

Yes, I know I'm ocd. I need the milestone markers to be in weeks AND months.

Play date at Pororo Park this early afternoon!!!

Did u see this forlorn looking boy on the right?

Emo because, he fell and bit his lips.

But, got the superstar Korean emo look. Like DOTS? @Sunorchid got ah?

In army fatigue to "chiong" the park. Excuse the monkey backpack.

Naomi @pingu78 and Isaac crashing in the ball pit.

I think Isaac was on top form because everything was in blue colour, his favorite colour.

He was also too busy to drink water according to @Eviee

So rude ah when he is having fun.

I'm also happy he did not freak out on the pororo express ride.

Sat by himself and wave back to me.

To be fair, it's a very small round la. No time to be scared maybe?

Waiting for his turn on the train.

Happy face before diving into the ball pit.

Photos are blur because I was sitting quite far away with didi. Drinking my latte and nursing too.

Then at 12pm they had a mini musical at the park.

I heard him say "I want to watch too!"

So surprised lo. I didn't even go with him. He went in with @pingu78 @Eviee and @jennylau

Eviee was doing "live reporting" to me. At one point he got worried because it had some scary part. I asked him back home if he's going to watch is again, he said "no, it was so scary!"

Hey, big improvement from the other day at "the boy who cried wolf"

Wah Wah Wah. Look at this ladies man. 2 sisters also take.

We all went for lunch at Manhattan fish market.

Did not take pictures with everyone. But had some pictures of the kids. Aiyahhh but no pics of AnnaB. Nvm, next time lo.

Most pics from eviee.

Naomi looks so cute in every snap.

She ask Isaac whether he wants to eat ramen or pasta for lunch?

Isaac went "no I cannot eat. I'm allergic"

Naomi went "oohh Like meimei. She also cannot eat. She's allergic to egg"

So cute la they all. Can have conversations by themselves with correct thought process and in relations to people they know. 😍😍😍

Thank you @pingu78 for the thoughtful gift.

Bips for Isaiah which had bat and monkey prints. Humoring the batdude born in the year of monkey. And the t-shirt for Isaac in blue.

To be honest, it was quite relaxing play date.

Most of the time, the kids were playing amongst themselves and us mamas were chatting away.

Another play date perhaps when it's the school holidays??

Thanks for spending your time with me ladies @Eviee @pingu78 @jennylau

Bahahah. I cannot. Must zoom.

I shall submit his pictures for Korean boy band contest.