Pororo Park Play date!

Breakfast of toast top with avocado, smoked salmon and Gouda truffle cheese.

Exactly #9weeks old today

Yes, I know I'm ocd. I need the milestone markers to be in weeks AND months.

Play date at Pororo Park this early afternoon!!!

Did u see this forlorn looking boy on the right?

Emo because, he fell and bit his lips.

But, got the superstar Korean emo look. Like DOTS? @Sunorchid got ah?

In army fatigue to "chiong" the park. Excuse the monkey backpack.

Naomi @pingu78 and Isaac crashing in the ball pit.

I think Isaac was on top form because everything was in blue colour, his favorite colour.

He was also too busy to drink water according to @Eviee

So rude ah when he is having fun.

I'm also happy he did not freak out on the pororo express ride.

Sat by himself and wave back to me.

To be fair, it's a very small round la. No time to be scared maybe?

Waiting for his turn on the train.

Happy face before diving into the ball pit.

Photos are blur because I was sitting quite far away with didi. Drinking my latte and nursing too.

Then at 12pm they had a mini musical at the park.

I heard him say "I want to watch too!"

So surprised lo. I didn't even go with him. He went in with @pingu78 @Eviee and @jennylau

Eviee was doing "live reporting" to me. At one point he got worried because it had some scary part. I asked him back home if he's going to watch is again, he said "no, it was so scary!"

Hey, big improvement from the other day at "the boy who cried wolf"

Wah Wah Wah. Look at this ladies man. 2 sisters also take.

We all went for lunch at Manhattan fish market.

Did not take pictures with everyone. But had some pictures of the kids. Aiyahhh but no pics of AnnaB. Nvm, next time lo.

Most pics from eviee.

Naomi looks so cute in every snap.

She ask Isaac whether he wants to eat ramen or pasta for lunch?

Isaac went "no I cannot eat. I'm allergic"

Naomi went "oohh Like meimei. She also cannot eat. She's allergic to egg"

So cute la they all. Can have conversations by themselves with correct thought process and in relations to people they know. 😍😍😍

Thank you @pingu78 for the thoughtful gift.

Bips for Isaiah which had bat and monkey prints. Humoring the batdude born in the year of monkey. And the t-shirt for Isaac in blue.

To be honest, it was quite relaxing play date.

Most of the time, the kids were playing amongst themselves and us mamas were chatting away.

Another play date perhaps when it's the school holidays??

Thanks for spending your time with me ladies @Eviee @pingu78 @jennylau

Bahahah. I cannot. Must zoom.

I shall submit his pictures for Korean boy band contest.

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