Masak Masak at Singapore National Museum

Spinach, cherry tomatoes and bacon frittata.

Eaten with truffle cheese and toasted ham.

And black coffee of course.

Child labour.

That's what you get for waking didi up. Rock him back to sleep please korkor.

Masak Masak

We went to the national museum today for Masak Masak, Baby Block Meets a New Friend with @enihsnus and her 2 bubs!

Also 11th hour arrangement! She texted me at 10pm the night before asking want to have a play date and suggested this.

Since I'm free, let's go! And I've never been to the museum.

It was fun. The interactive exhibits was really cute too.

Block Up!

Started at the Block Up!

It encourages children to explore, interact and learn about different shapes together.

But we did none of that!!! Isaac just wanted to go hide in the blue blocks and emo because there were a lot of ppl on the bouncy slide.

Refused to get on the bouncy slide.

Scolding me for taking picture

Warming up. Got into the blocks and did some peekaboo


Found a hiding spot.

With @enihsnus

Let's Play!

Snakes and ladders.

It was suppose to be role play where the kids are suppose to roll the dice and be human tokens and move with the numbers.

But nope! Boys are more interested in rough housing and going up and down the slide. Didn't even notice the numbers on the steps and the floors. The attendant did try to get them to "play" the game but nahhh, no attention span.

I only saw a couple of girls patiently rolling the dice and moving according to the numbers.

Down the ladder.


Under the tunnel

Love the snake and ladder set up



Roll the dice.

Coloring at Block Up!

Blue my fav colour

Gab, yours is a little messy

I coloured inside the blocks.

Tadaaa my art work

La Bestiaire

This was supposed to be an imaginary zoo by French artist but the boys did not get it.

I think they were too young to understand the abstractness of it.

You could make your own mask, which we did not because it was $2

Clumsy Dumpty on the Wall

Clumsy wall is where the kids suppose to complete the puzzle before the blocks slip back out.

Got to have good coordination. Isaac had fun putting it in again and again when the puzzle keeps slipping out. Every time it did he would exclaimed "Ai yaya!"

Like some drunken Mexican man. Gabriel would laugh at him.

It's really cool. Once u got it to stay on the blocks it will light up.

Then it was snack time. As usual Isaac loves sharing his food with everyone.

Chocolate cookies for the win.

Didi was also snacking.

You want some more?

It was pouring when we wanted to head back, so the kids were so well behaved and read some pamphlet quietly.


This was after the security guard told them off for siting on the ledge of the window and playing with the cars that Isaac brought.

But, boys will be boys!

Too cute! Whilst waiting for the rain to stop

#paucheeks is so responsive.

Tickles my heart.

Plus, I realize his cheeks not Pau-like anymore. How ah?

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