Bumped into an old uni friend in cbd running errands.

Some manhunt contest.

He used to date the prettiest girls. From miss Malaysia petite to some models.

And now, he has a boyfriend, guys. When I saw him just now, he stunt like vegetables. Haha. Didn't expect to see me.

Outing with #paucheeks

Ring sling is streamline and fuss free but my shoulders!!!!!!

After 2 hours cannot already. Frozen ah! Sore ah!

Ahjia with grandchild

Sesame costed seabass for lunch.


I left him at 11.30am to runs some errands. He requested to watch Barney on my moms iPad. I was in a hurry so I let him.

And when I was lunching I checked the cctv and lo n behold!!! At 2.30 pm still watching!!! Helper gave up asking him to stop she fell asleep on the table waiting for him.

Isaac busy singing and dancing.

@calvinadawn for your consideration.

@mummytong did u buy this 😂😂😂😂😂

Jk ah….joke. Cos it would be so cool to run a resort there. Like Gulliver's island!!!

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