This is the first time I used the love me swaddle on paucheeks, and it's been 4 hours since I put him down to sleep.

He's not waken yet and sleep so soundly. Usually he will be fussing a lot!!! Grunts and rubbing his face with his hands that escape from the normal clothes swaddle. His hands doesn't escape from SwaddleMe swaddle, but he moves a lot in them. Like his legs will do crunches and lifts up constantly.

So, so far so good in this. I'm buying another 2 more if he sleeps well in this!

Aiyooo I cannot sleep.

My boobs getting harder liow.

Didi is sleeping too shiok already.

5 hours and counting.

Breakfast this morning was French toast, ham and avocado. Drizzle with lots n lots of maple syrup 😋😋😋

First time tapping in and out of a bus!!!

I bought an avengers lanyard for him to put his concession card!

He was so chuffed. Like a big boy. Teaching him life lessons 😂😂

I was on a mission!

To hunt down Swaddle Up in sizes M and L on sale.

So…I went to KKH Mothercare. Paragon has no more sizes for those on offer and those with sizes are Not on Sale.

@growingwiththetans take note!!! Go buy buy buy. I don't know other branch of mothercare maybe got size. KKH no more S size.

@delight after sale; Love to Swaddle Up Organic in cream: $39.13 (M size)

Original in Triangle print: $34.93(L size)

50/50: $41.90 (L size)

More loots on 15% off.

For Isaac and Isaiah.

Captain America vest, avengers jammies, and Thomas socks for korkor.

Skip hop feeding bundle and avengers socks for didi.

@calvinadawn @growingwiththetans mothercare GSS 15% everything off up to 15 June only. Quick buybuybuy.

Was not planning to buy this. But I calculated individually everything was more than $39.90 which was stated. So BUY!!!

Consist of plate & bowl set, straw bottle, fork & spoon and tuck-away bib!!!

I calculated the bowl and straw bottle set by individually also reaching 39 liow!!

Selfie with my paucheeks

Breeebbb 😃

Sleeping like an angel.

Omg my ah Beng son

New Captain America vest worn over his old long sleeves PJ.

New pants from the Avengers pj set

New Thomas socks.

Dam out his fashion, but he slept happy.

He said he was a chef, going to cook chicken for my mum. Wtf

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