Chuggington Live!| Maternity shots

Top: babystyleicon
Bottom: Next
Shoes: Nike

Outing with daddy!!!

So happy

Hahaha I've never seen his face so ecstatic before.


So so happy

Got in to the hall

Chuggington live

He was very happy

But stone face throughout the performance

Got a bit scared during the start of the performance. Closed his ears.

But after 5 mins, he was ok.

And when it all ended, he turned to batdude and said "Barney and friends coming soon right?"

*hint hint*


Wah Lau. This friend of mine ah, we were talking about her getting pregnant for #2.

Talk talk then send me all this photos.

Tsk tsk. So vulgar.

This one also. But it's true la. HAHHAHAHA

To counter the terrible picture above


Loving the shots my SIL took of our maternity shoots.

Series of pictures with Isaac

So feels

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