Haakaa silicon breast pump review

Mummy is here, so made her make mee sua for me!!!


There is a new Thai restaurant in velocity!!!

It's so nice!!!

Going to eat here eerrdayyy!

Ordered pad thai, coconut seafood otah, lemongrass salad and coconut milk ice shake!!

So good!

They used to be from funan digital mall.

My Haakaa pump is here!


It's a simple silicone hand held pump.

With beautiful flower imprinted on it.


Very swee!

I hope it works.

Going to use it when didi latch and I will put this on the other side.

I'll let you know the outcome.

I know @jayelleenelial says it's awesome. Her husband also say it's awesome!!

Thanks Jo for being my dealer hoho

#paucheeks so interactive this morning. 😍😍


Fed didi one side n just adjust n gentle push this on my other boob.

Didi was playing more than actually drinking.

Less than 5 mins duration.


Omg. Revolutionized milk collection system is here!!!

1 oz it says on the pump

But when I pour out on the avent milk collection cup, it's only 1/2oz about 20mls.

Nah pour it out to measure.

Even though haakaa says 1 oz, and actual measurement is only 1/2oz, I'm already very impressed with it.

@growingwiththetans get this la!!!! No pain, no brains also can use.

#paucheeks this morning.

I think he grew longer cos previously when he wore this pj, his feet couldn't even come out.

Happening right now.

#fatdieme but whatever makes me happy means producing good quality milk!!

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