Paucheeks is #10weeks today.

Good morning everyone!

Ok ok! I know previous pic too serious.

Give you a little smile.

Korkor, I'm so happy to see you this morning.

Come we play together la

This morning mee sua with pork slices.

And I'm finally getting around to finish the essence of chicken with red dates and goji berries from @Eviee

This one very nice to drink!!!

Lunch at kitchenette!!

Today is Wednesday which is 1-1 waffles!!!

I got the bacon and ham waffles. Yums.

Andddd #paucheeks is 10 weeks today!

Why so serious.

Actually he was smiling loads, but I couldn't catch one where the card was upright and he smiling.

So wriggly!

This one nice but composition out.

Not looking to the camera, and milestone card not straight.

Oh my Wink shape wear Lai liow Lai liow!!

Key to hotness is here!

I hope this fits!!! I bought L size btw cause I'm still quite large.

When I first tried it on with the furthest hook at the top, the underboob part.

My initial thoughts were like omg….it doesn't fit?????

But nvm. Preserver, hook all first then see how.

Got to hold my breath a bit.

Ok!!! Heng can hook all! Crotch also can!!! Nvm if it's the furthest, at least can wear. I don't feel like busted sausage. I feel like bak Chang only!!!

No squeeze till can die feeling. Just some Very fitting feeling which is bearable.

Look in the mirror and like omg, I'm actually so pui one ah.

How come everyday I admire myself when naked I tot I look dam good.

My self esteem too good already. Sumore batdude also neh say I'm fat. Sumore say "amazing u can wear your pre preg shorts after 6 weeks!"

See, give me false sense of security. I need to buck up man!

Better lock my mouth up.

Eat my non processed food.




Tomorrow I'll be heading back to K.L

It's "eat all the food".

You know, I shall put the shape wear to test!

If I wear errday and eat all the food and I still lose inches, then everybody, buy the god damn shape wear.

Means, confirm it works!

So we shall see in 1 week (cos I'll be down till the 16th).

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