Morning chats with korkor


Morning mug shots. πŸ˜‚

I can haz double eye lids.

Bus selfie!!!!

We're on the way back to KL. Wohooo!

Going back to KL

Isaiah super excited. Haha

Both boys are asleep!

All down!

@klutzclumlov @calvinadawn I haz my naan fix!!!!

With tender tandoori chicken too!! I is happy!!! 😘😘😘

Bus shenanigans

Didi is very concerned

Worried look.

Nvm, I shall give you a kiss!!!

Don't worry ok??

Omnyomnyom #paucheeks

Chit chatting after Kong Kong picked us up.

"Mummy, the bus ride was awesome. I wish we can do it again"

One with korkor.

He throughly enjoyed it. So excited throughout the ride.

Mummy wanna zonked out. 6 hours journey.

Left sg at 10am reached KL 4.30pm

There was immigration checks that took a while on the Singapore side and a minor jam in seremban. Two cars caught in an accident and 1 was in flames!

Otw to dinner with mummy in my car seat.

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