Molly Liquid Lipstick review

I got mail!!!!!

Thank you @strawbee

What a lovely surprise when we got back from KL last night.

Ok la, not surprised cos I knew it was coming, lovely welcome back gift then? ❤️

Love the pink sticker as always.


2 matte liquid lipstick!!!

Top is Impeccable

Bottom is Gaga.


Let me brush my teeth then get dressed n make up face then I do review ah. Hehe.

Pumping milk BRB.

#boliow post.

I've got 4 mossies bite which is in a shape of a V.

V for vendetta ah???

Isaiah also has a lot of red spots on his face and nose due to the bite and I've on my neck and chest too.

#nofilter #noedit

I heard didi crying so faster slap on some slap n draw eyebrows and put mascara.

Then I applied this Molly in Gaga!!

So vavavoom! Glides on easily and dries quite fast. Oh I also scrub my lips cos it was flaky this am. #dayremom

Update after 15 mins wearing it.

I don't feel that it's flaky or thick or sticky at all. In fact, quite comfortable. Cos I have the fan blowing at my face n my hair is flying madly everywhere but it doesn't stick to the lipstick!!!

Need fan cos freaking sweat like pig when #breastfeeding. Also, cos I'm wearing the #Wink #shapewear. Lagi hot!!! Like sauna.

Cannot liow. Need to switch on air-con.

Sibling shot of the day. Someone's not too happy

Hehe joking la. Just needed to be camera ready

Smile nicely give you la


Put your hands up if you are happy!!!

Ok boy, you got to do some BMT

Hrngghhh cannot, korkor keep disturbing me!

Huhuhu, help me le

Nrrnnghhh. Sibeh difficult to show off with the big one around.

All of us today!

Guess who is on a date with mummy in a German beer house for lunch!

And I left Isaiah home with the helper.

I told her how to reheat the milk already.

I boob him one side before I left. And he fell asleep.

Hope he will take the bottle and be easy on her.

I'm going to jalan jalan (read: popular book store) with my first born!

Fried beehon with pork knuckles!!

Finish eating. Now got hooked to those put coins car.

I cctv them and #paucheeks crying so loud!!!!

Crying for 15 mins liow.

I see her trying to sooth him. Here she just got out from kitchen. Prolly to heat milk up.

Ok ok manage to put him to sleep

Now coffee and snack time with a new book.

I don't know what made me buy the book for him. But I felt sorry for him so I bought it.

Although I told him I can only buy the cheapest book.

Drinking from bottle a success

The position like that means his drinking la hor???

Hi5 going on in united square.

But look at where he is looking.

Definitely not on hi5 lo

Video game wins!


Night look

Wearing Impeccable on my lips 😘😘😘💋💋💋

In evening light.

Dinner tonight. Smoked duck.

Short ribs

Beef brazen

Mocha and peanut butter chocolate cake.

Someone is also still up at this hour.

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