First Day back to work!

Hahahha good morning!!!

Today he's following me to work because it's bring ur kids to work day.

Perfect for my first day back at work too.

Now only manage to pump 2nd time at nearly 2pm.

#cctv n see #paucheeks sleeping/chilling in bouncer. No crying heard, so good la.

Isaac is watching inside out in one of the conference room and eating chicken rice.

Work was tiring!!

Koko passed out!!

Came in the door and lay down on the mat and 💤💤💤💤💤💤

So nice to come back and play with this one!!

I'm glad to see you too

Too happy to see me


Oohh yes? I'm handsome?

Yes indeed if I do say so myself

He has been trying to turn himself over these past few days.

So I took half day leave because Isaac just couldn't stand the whole day there.

And neither could I! I had some emails to clear, sat through a meeting (and Isaac came in half way because he got scared watching a movie n cried out for me- yes, he was in the boardroom with me). I couldn't even pump at 3 hrs interval cos Isaac so emo la.

So tired. I came back and took a 2 hour nap!!!

I hope tomorrow will be better.

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