2nd day was much better even though I was almost 1 hour late to work hehe. I missed a meeting sumore but my boss say it's ok!!

#paucheeks was still sleeping so nicely before I left so I couldn't nurse him. Had to fasterly pump once I arrived at work hence missing the meeting.

Then I found Isaacs name tag for yesterday's event and my heart went ❤️❤️❤️❤️ naww.

Put a smile on my face.

Mom sent me a picture of didi when he woke up at 9am.

So cheerful.

Sent a picture of korkor too. Doing his duck pout.

Spied on cctv the activities that is going on.

Can see didis leg kicking in glee on the bouncer.

Morning milk time must hold granny hands 😄😄😄

Afternoon updates

Leave me alone!!!

Don't get it one lo this guy!

What do I have to do to get some peace around here?

I think the office coffee is not cutting it for me.

2 cups today, and I'm still darn sleepy. Did not have the "charged" feeling.

Otw home now!

Can't wait to see the boys and faster get didi to latch!!!!

Having letdowns on the bus home is no fun!!!! 😵😵😵😖😖😖

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