#Paucheeks is 12 weeks | Day 3 of work updates!

Good morning.

Just out of bed look. My mom says giving the "whatever" look 😆😆

After morning wipe down and milk!!

Didi: sigh, another day and this big one right here is not letting up on his "attention" to me.

Korkor: work that duck pout!!!!

Didi resigns to fate.

Korkor is STILL working it.

Apparently korkor did not want to bath this morning. But he came out from his room with this outfit combo.

Not bad!! He changed and chose the outfit himself!!

My view when I'm pumping.

Let's see if this landscape changes in exactly one year!

Plan to fully pump for 1 year, 3 times a day.

2nd year 2 times a day probably.

Can this be considered my #dayretimecapsule posting?

My mom says didi is going to be a tough boy!

Smiling to korkors vigorous shaking of his legs.

For lunch I had kway chap add braised duck with yam rice.

Cos normal meal not enough for me ah.

Finally downloaded snapchat.

This would totally be my daughter if i bred with Chris Hemworth. Cc: @delight

This more like me!!!

Well I wished this was me in primary.

Instead I was this!!!


Isaiah is 12 weeks today!

12 weeks today!!!!

Still can wear the onesie from 1 week old.

Hello there cutie, I'm looking at you 😘😘😘

Blurb…out takes. Looking like the seahorse on the milestone card.

Stun look

Gugugu…running out of narratives.

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