Last nights dinner.

Fish cakes.

Lemongrass salad


Didi not eat this because no veg to fill my tummy please.

Green curry chicken is good

Super shiok seafood otah in coconut.

At the bottom u can scoop up all the tender coconut flesh. It's so tummy

I love this the most!!

Fish in lime n pounded chili padi maybe ? broth.

It's so so so hot!

Fried chicken.

There was tom yam kung as well.

My sleeping child on free nanny services.

Yupppp. She's pretty good!!

Kiss didis hand

Eeeeeew so smelly.

Baptism of fire happened this morning.

Contractions was level 4 of child birth. 10 for full birth pain.

Because of dinner last night.

My favorite biscuits!!!!!

No other coffee flavor compares!!

And queen bee @strawbee got me the big tub on just coffee flavor.

Thank you thank you.

I love you!!! The person and the cookies. Hehe.

Look at these beauties.

All for me!

Sorry batdude. None for you.

Nawwww. But actually korkor is stuffing didis hands into didis mouth.


Hehehehe was that nice didi??

Guess who's hands is that on didis neck

Tummy time!!

Thanks a grandma @maryannsee for the photos and baby care services! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Aforementioned torturing from korkor going on.


Lunch today!!!

Milk boosters. Because my afternoon pump had 3 oz. usually only 2oz. And breast fullness after that. #win!!

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