Husband level up!!

Today I would like to record this meal and say that my husband, batdude made it for us.

He made the guacamole from scratch!!!! It is so creamy and yummy.

And the beef mince filling was so flavorful.

It's absolutely well executed for someone who doesn't cook!!!

I assembled my tacos this way.

It's absolutely delicious!!!!!

With sour cream on top to cut out the cloyness from the moleeh!!

Oh my goodness!!!!

Thank you so much for dinner.

#husbandachievementunlock #mexican #tacos #guacamole #solucky

Even my mom said it's very good!!!

Not only that, today he babysat these two boys all by himself.

Me and my mom went to run errands and the helper went to get groceries.

And this was after batdude went n drop n pick up Isaac from mandarin class.

Husband not working on the weekends is the best thing ever!!!

Some of the pictures he took when didi was smiling happily at him


So happy Hor.

@growingwiththetans I'm sure you watch it! He came in bad shape and now, he walked out of the ICU!!

Icing on the cake for the NICU team from ttsh!!!!

Isaac.. When he grows up.

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