This was yesterday p.m. Despite a hacking cough and stuffy nose, didi was quite cheery.

This morning after the whole night of mummy's all night buffet.

Glad he looks and sounds a little better today.

Back to business, Tummy time by grandma!!!

Ergh, please grandma, how about no?

I just got a little bit better and I have to exercise?????

Too tired already from the exertion.

Sleep first!!

And then korkor came back from school.

And the havoc started.

Because he wanted my milk too!!!!

He kept crying for mummies milk. But I got to drink it up. It's my only source of food, well at least for the first 6 months of life!

I want milk!

Very very frustrated because can't have my milk!!

I seriously can't keep up because I need to pump for 2 kids now. The pumped milk stored in the fridge will be gone in the morning because Isaac takes and drink it himself when he wakes!!!

How la. I really need to pump every 2 hourly on the weekends already. I kept saying I want to pump on weekends, but every time, we are out mostly.

Need to really be dedicated. Any other solutions?

This evening


Mummy's back!!!!

I get to drink milk on tap!!!

– this was taken around 5p.m when I got home. He was happy to see me and like wise!!! Korkor was busy watching something on YouTube.

But, no rest for the weary!

More tummy time!!

– manage to tummy time n smile and laugh at us for more than 5 minutes! I know because he was face timing with his other grandma. N he was looking like he is getting ready to crawl.

Anyhooooo, today I survived at work even though didi woke up every hour to nurse. Practically the whole night he had boob in mouth. And if accidentally unlatch, he will cry.

Had 2 meetings today sumore!

Hey hey mummy…

Yes #paucheeks?

I'm fabulous right????


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