Bye Isaiah!!! Took this picture before leaving for work. My little starfish.

Heyy girl…

Wanna go on a date with me?


After morning wipe down face. Feet so small, says grandma

Napping face, side profile.

Just woke up from nap!!
Happy to see everyone around.



Tummy time of course!

Aiya, only left eye got double eyelid. Right eye one hiding.

Lunch today.

Need them milk boosters

Stalked korkor when he got back from school.

Seriously??? Up the sofa??? Aiyoooo fall down how????

#cctv #stalkermomseries

I'm happy that my 2.30pm pump manage to get 4oz after salmon.

Usually it's only 2oz max 3oz!

Snacking on larabars, hoping to get more milk.

Later go home n eat dates after dinner. Heard it's a milk booster.

Durian definitely is one for me but so expensive la!!

Tonight I shall brew my nursing tea with honey and snack on majool dates

*whispers Yusof tayobbb to the husband after that.

Hahha. Malaysia's inside joke!

4.30pm after milk face.

5.45pm face.

I'm happy to see you too!!! 😘😘


Playing with his pillow in the bouncer.

Oooohhhh there's red bean soup in the fridge.

Will drink that n snack with 2-3 dates.

Snack time!!!!

Wooo!!! 9.30pm pump and I got 3oz.

That's 1oz more than yesterday.

So in total….drumroll….. I achieved 2 oz more than what I usually pump.

Actually, I know I'm not a mega milk producer. Tried taking all milk booster 3 years ago when nursing with Isaac also didn't quite happen.

I have a small capacity breast and the only way to make more milk is to empty it out often!!

Ok, tomorrow pump every 2 hours instead of 3hrs!!!

Not only do I have extra 2oz of milk, I have an extra 2kg of belly. Ok la I dunno 2kg or not cos I never weigh myself. But belly is huge.

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