Isaiah is 3 months | Salted egg yolk McDonald’s burger review | Curtains at Ara crib

D: Let me tell you what happens as soon as I wake in the morning.

Mommy: didi cough is still very hacky because he doesn't know how to bring up the phlegm. Otherwise he is in good spirits!

I get greeted enthusiastically by big K!

He will hold my hand and ask me how I am.

AND START TICKLING ME!!!! Hehehhehehe!

Awww korkor, I love you too!

Also, exercise for the day courtesy of big K.

I am going to eat this today!!!!

Salted egg yolk and gula Melaka errthing!!!

@omamee @cikumuffin I brought Yusof to work today.


Tummy time!

Giving the sexy look

Back view of crazy hair

Ok la, front view better right?

Maid hair, don't care!

What's this is my mouth??

Hrmmm I don't like


Be gone u chutchut!!! Invented to bluff babies out of mummies yummy boobs

Hehe, better without it.

#flatlay my McDonald's

Burgers looks great and promising.

Even got curry leaves inside.

Legit looking.

Verdict: salted egg yolk is underwhelming. Maybe cos they just spoon abit on the patty. Curry leaves nice touch n crunch to it. Bite di got the aroma…cos it's curry leaves??

But I find the salted egg yolk taste abit "nutty". Maybe supplier put nutty flavoring to it.

This one I like!!!!!

Salty enough! Maybe cos msg spamming ah???

But…the crab flavor does not hit u in the face? It just taste like nice shaker fries?

The Gula Melaka mcflurry with kueh lapis is also not bad.

Gula Melaka syrup can taste abit.

Kueh lapis has the cinnamon taste to it but the texture is crunchy one lo. Macam freeze dried kueh lapis. I was šŸ˜’ cos expected the spongy texture of the cake la.

Looks promising with chili + curry leave bits of not mistaken.

Close up of the nuggets

Weird colour to it.

Ok, this one is a bit tasteless but the heat from the chili bits is there.

So I drowned it in the standard McDonald's curry sauce.

Ahhaah I just notice this.

Yes I am "jiak kantang"

Yea they totally zhenged it…..but not there yet!

Overall I would order the shaker curly fries again but not the nuggets.

The burger also won't order again. Mcflurry if ppl buy for me I will eat but won't order also. Haha.

Ok finish review liow. Can uncamp!!!!

Maybe can try once n do review…but that's about it la. Won't re-order.

Just receive pictures of curtains at our new place by the curtain lady

Living room and our mini chandelier for living room halls. With KDK 5 blade fan!

This is how the common room curtain looks.

The master bedroom curtains.

Love how she effort and folded the curtains!

Hamsap bathroom is covered with rollerblinds!!

View from the room side.

Roller blind view from the bathroom itself.




#paucheeks is 3 months today

Out takes from his 3 months milestone snap shots

This one look too slack

I love this. Will post this on my Instagram. Isaiah looking like a super hero himself with that pose!

This one also nice but right leg blurry

Sibeh bo song

Ok la, pose lady like a bit. Hehe

Stone look

Hey, stop taking my pics

I said stop that!!

You wanna take ah? Ok la, take la.

I'm putting him in the bouncer now to chart his growth from 13 weeks to 52 weeks!!!

No more milestone charting with the cards, so this is the way to record his growth la.

Found on my phone, pictures taken by Isaac.

His compositions not bad ah. Know how to angle the cars all.

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