Wine o'clock. All by myself.


(Actually no la, didi did a fart, not sure got poop or not so daddy n korkor went n settle him)

Lobster with angel hair pasta.

Such a pretty dish.

Love the duck confit.

Had sauerkraut and bacon at the bottom with roasts new potatoes.

Pear dessert. With brioche and 2 diff ice cream.

Apple desert. Wrap in filo pastry. The foam not sure what flavor. But was yummy

My big baby wanted to be carried today.

So I carried him. And I ask daddy to take a picture. Big baby say cannot. Later ppl see.

But we took anyway.

And he's like noooo. Cannot let my classmate see. Later I shy.

Wah 4 years old already know how to be embarrassed ah.




Torture session in progress!

Today you look so pretty!!

Yup, very stunning.

These are so pretty.

I'm so glad I bought them in a whim after seeing @chatoyant card.

Went to Starbucks, saw whole range, fell in love and #buybuybuy

The ceramic mug is so beautiful too.

And since today is the 31st day of the month, baskin robin it is.

And this may also be my last dairy anything. Been noticing that Isaiah is having very bad rashes on face, neck, armpits, arm, thighs and chest.

I'll avoid for the whole of August and see if he improves by end of August. If he does, then confirm he may have some issues with dairy.

Wah I'm really paying for carrying Isaac this afternoon.

My neck and shoulder feels very tight and strained.

Both my hips feel very sore.

And it was less than half an hour of carrying him.

For the record, he is only 15.6kg.


4 months old | Cats birthday.


Sent korkor to mandarin class, and now I'm having breakfast with mummy and daddy.

I'm 4 months today.

I can still fit into my Day 1 onesie.

Oh well!!! At least I look different from day 1.

2 boys chilling. Baby very happy swinging his legs around.

Went to brunettis tanglin for tea.

Then we celebrated @calistallicious birthday today at dinner.

I did not take any pictures at all.

Food was good, cake was hipster awesome and company was the best.

These 2 reading intensely!!! Nerd alert hehe.

I thought this was so funny.

Didi "dangling" from my boobies.

He was sleeping and drinking. So cannot detach easily. Hahah.

Happy birthday @calistallicious

Hope you like your present!!!

And thanks @doooduuu for organizing the dinner.

Ohh and wanted to note down that today I went swimming since giving birth.

Swam about 20 mins. Isaac and batdude joined me too!!!

Fun fun!!

I think in the weekday evening when I get back to work, I shall jog around the condo. Pass didi to helper. Isaac can jog with me if he wants.

I ate didi because he is so yummy.

Same same but different breakfast.

Macadamia nut waffles with maple syrup, avocado and streaky bacon.

I hope my horse will give my career a flying boost!!!!

What do you guys think???

Public service announcement!!!!

Anybody need me to buy stuff from
– Diane shampoos
– heroine make
– Gatsby
– Dolly wink
– Bifesta
– Lucidol-l

Let me know!!!! Usually they throw price. Eg:

Dolly wink eye liner 10 bucks (or was it 5 bucks).

Hair gel men also 5 bucks.

Bifesta make up remover about 10 bucks per bottle.

Usually I stock up. Bought loads of Bifesta remover. I use daily and liberally. About 3 bottles liow. Cheap ba. Wipes also have
Got falsies from dolly wink also

Wahlau korkor.

Your morning breath…. πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

Ehehe just kidding la.

*Soft voice*

Seriously mummy, u got to do something with korkors breath.


It's morning!!!! Rise and shine!!!!

It's a new dayyyy. Wee!!!

πŸ‘©πŸ»: tone it down you guys. I still want to catch my 40 winks before the real morning starts.

So cheery in the morning like the father. I kenut….

Peace mummy.

We promise to be good and happy. Don't angry la.

Ponies at work.

The things we do.

Ahhh my first born. Just now you made didi cry.

I've asked you to watch over him whilst I gather my stuff to go for a quick shower.

The next moment, I heard didi cries. I turn around and saw you on top of him your face covering his face. Didi face was all wet with your saliva.

Of course I smacked you because didi could have suffocated.

You cried silently, your face mashed into the bed. You slide off the bed and cover your face so you wouldn't let me see you cry.

I warn you again not to touch or kiss didis face from now on.

You left the room wiping your tears away.

Later on I asked you, why did you make didi cry.

Why did you cover your mouth over his face. He could have suffocated.

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: I ate him because didi is so yummy!

πŸ‘©πŸ»: 😱

Then I burst out laughing. He laughed too. At least I know he was not being malicious, he really thinks didi is irresistible and wants to "eat" him.

So I told him, I find didi yummy too, but we can't eat him. If we do, he would die. Then we won't have anymore didi so we will be sad.

I've asked him to promise me that he won't eat didi again, no matter how delicious and irresistible didi is.

Hahahaha. Can't help laughing thinking about it.

Sorry I've posted the caption of the pictures that is totally unrelated. The selfies with him are too cute not to post.

Today's breakfast of pizza frittata, salami and avocado.

Mmmm πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Bo liow thoughts.

I should be happy that my husband think I look like Gal Gadot. Because, dammmm, she's so fine!!!

Watch me, watch me.

Garhhhh oops!!!!

Err, I slipped.

Really, I meant to do that.


Sorry I'm scaring you this morning!!


On the lips as requested.

Koko K by Kylie.

Breakfast today.

Paleo waffles made from macadamia flour. Gluten free.

Bacon, avocado and maple syrup!!

This is with natural light in my pumping room and after breakfast lips.

Hahha ok pass. Nice colour. Go get it guys!!

Kylie in Koko K.


This one here.

Plotting against me.

Only #17weeks!!!

Damn you shoes.

Throwing u away once I arrive at work.

Biting me since the day I bought it in 2013. Yes, another twinning shoes with the husband. He threw away his already.

N everybody left for school run without kissing me good bye.


Wanted to record this down.

Yesterday was the first day the new helper was left alone with the 2 boys.

She manage to pick Isaac up from school and entertained him. She also manage to put didi down for naps.

When I got home, Isaac was in such a good mood and so chatty. It was endearing. Didi was asleep in the bouncer.

And she was cooking our dinner when I walked in. ❀️❀️😍😍


The most important part was Isaac is in a good mood!!!

Munching my oatmeal cookies and sipping my C-juice with oatmeal milk whilst pumping.

Unfortunately, oats are not my milk boosters. Getting the same amount as before I started them. Maybe 2oz more overall for the whole day yield.

Not double or triple yield like other lactating mummies.

Leftovers for lunch!

Hehe so cute!!! Look like Little puppy this Isaiah.

#cctv #stalkermomseries

Ahahah look at the monkey behind there.

And helper cooing n trying to put didi to sleep.

Weheeee!!!! I've got mail!!

Tots loving the pink bubble wrap!


My first Kylie matte liquid lipstick and lip liner!!

In love!

Thank you @strawbee 😘😘😘


Please forgive me for my pathetic swatching attempt. Koko K looks more pinkish than my Mollie impeccable. Loving the sweet smell too.

You mind reader ah @strawbee cos just this few days I was thinking of getting a more pinkish tone.

Fail beauty blogger.



This morning rush hour!!!

Go go go everyone.

Helper putting didi on carrier to get korkor to school. Everyone's going to school to drop korkor off.

Mil helping Isaac with his socks. Isaac has time to pose too.

And I waved them bye bye as I rush off to work and closed the door.

California fitness has NO FUNDS to return us money….

Hey, at least I tried contacting them.



Kaisen chirashi don at the sushi bar ngee ann city.

My country bumpkin.

Worn to death top to toe outfit from next.

My lunch buddies!!

Dior gave out roses at Sephora ion.


So innocent looking in the pram.

2 for us and none for you.


Faster eat finish before it finishes by unknown person.

Thank you once again @cikumuffin

Nicer then the last time I had it!!! 😍😍😍😍

Yam cake and yam paste for lunch.

This one is off to legoland with dad, mil and sil.

Have fun!

Tea time!!

Brownies by @cikumuffin

Ice cream from udders.

Today was just a blur….

Me and this little one hanging out together.

Hair not so glorious liow. Slowly flopping down.

Mee sua for breakfast!!!

Made by my helper. I ask her to learn and replicate from my mother.

This morning, us in bed.

See the hamham eyes. He was smiling so sweetly but whenever the iPhone points to him, the smile is gone.

My leftover lunch today.

Butternut squash soup, pesto zoodles, cinnamon pork chop & enoki wrap in bacon.

Love my leftovers.

It's hard work drinking tea and sticking out pinkie at the same time.

I tried and couldn't do it. But sexy here tried. And pass. Can be taitai already.

See I tried. But cannot.

I got to practice sticking out the pinkie more.

We went for high tea with @cikumuffin and @Eviee to semi celebrate ciku's belated birthday and also mainly to gossip.

Chatter too much I can't believe I never take pictures of my food.

Oh wait! I did.

That's the only picture I took of the food. The selection is limited but it is good!! Best is children under 6 eats for free.

Isaac made the buffet worth it.

By eating 6 or more plates of fruits!!

Breakfast today.

Crepe with avo, smoked salmon and Gouda cheese.

Oops too much stuffing cannot fold.

The little illegal immigrant and I.

Yup, that's right, he's stay wasn't approved online so we are now on ica.



Well, since the news of my gym closing down before I sleep was a bad one..

Have an awesome breakfast after a good sleep.

Croissant ($1 from bread talk promo), smoked Scottish salmon and Edam (forgot what cheese liow) cheese. With lots of extras smoked salmon and cheese at the side.

Oh no…mummy, daddy….help.


Hermmm I'm not so sure about this.

It's kinda nice and warm kind of..morning hug..

Sighhhh….ok la korkor.

Hugs back….

I love you too. ❀️

Now we are at a different doctor just to get Isaac checked out.

I don't quite like this dr already. He's not here.


Oh oh. Someone pass out on my soft cushion.

Didi grrring away.

Not cut out to be sahm oh.

Successful placement on mattress.

Then rescue didi from bouncer to boobs.

And didi poop his diapers with a loud shart and promptly fell asleep.
How to change him ah?

Enjoying some chicken drumstick.

I'm so happy with my spiralizer.

Asked batdude to get it for me 2 years ago from the states when I just started paleo.

Then the previous 🌚🌚 helper store it God knows where and refused to use it.

Now I can!!!! Yeay!! This helper got initiative.


Zoodles with pesto sauce made out of spinach, pine nuts and garlic.

Very rich! Maybe next time less pine nuts and add cilantro and basil. Didn't have those on hand.

Enoki mushroom wrapped in bacon.

Round 1.

Wanted record down what the PD said this morning about Isaacs growth.

He took His head circumference, height and weight.

Head is "adult size already" according to PD at above 95 centile. Weight and height is at 50th centile. I told him it took a long time to reach 15kg! He was stuck at 14kg for about a year plus.

But I told him that Isaac eat a lot too albeit abit restrictively due to his allergies.

Also I want to record down that he took this nasonex spray very well!!!

I showed him that I was using a nasal spray to clear my block nose too and demonstrated how to administer it.

Then he tried to spray his by himself. So proud!!!

I helped him angle and pressed the spray of course, but he didn't gag or panicked or shook his head.

Well done!! In fact I showed him to inhaled deeply the dose and he did!! Yeah!

I've to use this for 7 nights as his turbinates are very swollen and clogged.

Maybe he thinks it's fun to stick the white portion up his nose.

Haha. Hopefully it helps with his allergic rhinitis and post nasal drip cough.

At the Drs. So fun being sick ah.

Got another 2 days mc n change antibiotic cos obviously current one not working.

My phlegm still Lego box green n still very thick.

Didi had been regurgitating slimy spit ups.

Half digested milk, and the other half is thick and clear mucous.

My deduction on why the clear mucous is:
1) I'm taking flumacil and hence, his mucous also watery therefore all coming up.


2) he is teething and producing loads of saliva which he is swallowing and it's all coming out when he chokes on it or when he puts his fingers in his mouth and gags.

Had kimchi soup for lunch.

Roast pork belly fried in leek and kuey chap (innards and duck meat) for dinner.

My milk boosters?

Although today I'm really sick and all antibiotic up still got the most milk I've ever pumped for night pump.

Super strange. Maybe body knows baby needs more milk.

I think this dr I went to got the right antibiotics!!!

Happy to report that my phlegm is pale green almost white in colour now.

I'm hoping tomorrow morning it will be around the same colour. Then I can confirm the bacterial load is less and this antibiotic is killing if off.

Also maybe @cikumuffin Hail Mary x 5 is working la. Thanks babe. Hehe

Bento set today.

I'm still sick.


My 2 tablets of redoxon.

Hopefully amp up my immunity.

Or maybe, I should just drink my own breast milk la. #ironic

On days like these, I wish I don't have to work.

I wish I can stay in bed all day with the little and not so little one.

Morning cuddles and giggly faces. And smell their baby smell. And sourish feet.

This morning Isaiah was all cute and smiley that I cuddled with him on the bed and went to work abit late. Of course my head was all stuffed up and looked like someone punch me in the eye.

I think I need a break to recover from this mega super draggy cough/cold/flu.

So ever since California fitness at raffles closed unexpectedly on Saturday, I've been trying to contact my personal trainer on how to resume my training.

The other clubs are open at novena so he can still train there.

The problem is he has not been replying my whatsapp and when I called him, apparently the number not in service. Simisai.

When I go to novena branch to change a trainer, no one is there to entertain me. I'm so angry.

What else can I do??

Didi, your hair today like Don King.


Don King πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

It's 8pm and everyone is in bed and all the lights are off

Yup….we are all not so in the pink of health.

8.30pm and someone is snoring soundly.

And it's not Isaiah because he's still nyoming my boobs to sleep.

I am…



Top: Next kids
Bottom: Petit Bateau
Socks: Carters
Pram shoes: Next

Having tea with mummy

Back here again. And look at the tiny milk mug.

It's so tiny!!! As big as my thumbnails only. I wonder how they wash it.

Back for this one!!! I ordered the double pancakes this time. But it was too much. So didn't feel as nice anymore.

Isaac has found his true love.

Money bank in a post box shape. $2 from daiso.

He hugged it and feel asleep on the way back from plaza sing.

So happy to put money inside.

The funniest thing is his expression. Look at his face

I dunno why his teeth like that.


Good morning!!!

@calvinadawn does ED have this onesie as well??


Deeper this time!

Story time everyone!


I guess my PT session is not happening tomorrow.

Starting antibiotics

After feeling like shit for more than 2 weeks, we've decided to start antibiotics.

My mucous looks like Lego box green.

This one ah

Drink drink abit then unlatch.

How to gain weight like this???

I've taken 2 doses of antibiotics and irrigated my sinus with the netty pot.

My nose and head feels less stuff now but my cough is still chesty.

Overall it's not as bad as this morning.

I've improved a abit! ✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼

Morning be like avo, smokie and egg.

Bye bye.

See you in the evening.


Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

Will be going there for a week in November.

Is the hotel there any nice?

Leftover grass fed tenderloin steak and boiled potatoes for lunch.

Imagine the potatoes smothered in sour cream and onions.

Happy birthday @cikumuffin !!!

I'm also very happy taking half day leave next week.

Just to chill n do nothing.

Oh maybe eat n eat.

Pang gang looooo!!


Was suppose to meet up with my cousin for ice cream at 8.30pm just now.

But didi feel asleep and I was hacking away.

My cough seems more chesty today. Darn itchy.

So I passed. 😞😞😞

All the aunties and uncles and kids were there too.


Oh no….feeling sad again.

Should have went out to see my cousins.

I found selfies of #1 on my phone.

So cute la!!!

Aiyoo the duck pout.

4 turning 14?

Did he learn this act cute pose from you, ah Yi @ashleysmq ?


Too cute

Cracks me up sometimes.

Had a wonderful dinner with my cousins and uncle and aunties.

They were all down for a short visit. Some of them flew down from Aus before flying off to US and UK for a family holiday.

Us girls just chatting.

This morning both boys following the rainbow.

1 is sulking the other is super smiley.

Sums them up nicely. Actually I think korkor was a smiley baby too. Before he got hit with the reality of life called getting up early and going to school haha.

My view before I left for work. ❀️

Finally got my hands on them!

Thank you @mrsergul for delivering them to the office.

Now, to nyom them.

First beautiful piece.

I look at them n reminds me of ( . ) ( . )

What you guys think? Hehe. Just coincidence only la.


They are really good!!!!!

I'm not joking.

The chocolate bits are the bomb. And the crispness of it.

Good quality ingredients went into it. I know because I used to bake. So the taste is just 😍😍😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️❀️😘😘😘😘

Problem is, it's only 12 piece a pack.

Looks like I've to limit my self to 1 cookie per pump session.

And in one day i have 4 pumping sessions. Oh oh…..

I get super pissed off when the house is untidy.


Toys are everywhere I cannot tahan.

Books are everywhere. You think the 4 year old boy will read all this??

I've already arranged it but it's the sheer volume of it that's driving me nuts.

Be realistic la, you think didi is going to read the purple, brown, yellow book that's old and musty? Those books are just….purple, brown and yellow colour literally.

He does love reading the books that are relevant to him like the Disney Planes and car series. Marvel and dc comics are up there too.

Peppa pig, Thomas and pooh are good and attractive as well.

But the rest have not been touch. Ever.

Ok rant over.

Hrmmm do I have some unfinished business somewhere?

Work I'm ok.

Socially I'm ok.

Health down in a funk.

Hemmmm what what??

There's something bothering me but I don't know what! The messiness is only a trigger not the root cause. Tidy house just prevented the #jibaboom

It has been almost a month since I had this cough thing.

The past week just got worse. I remembered taking mc on 27 June too cos it's 2nd week into my "just restarted work".

Yes I'm pissed off at this cough flu thing.

Why am I not getting any better?

Stupid respi physician can't do shits about it. I get dam pissed because he doesn't seem to want to have empathy towards my urti!!

Pissed pissed pissed.

Advice: don't marry a doctor. 😑😑😑😑😑

I have to self prescribed medicine on my own.

After expressing my milk, nursing a crying baby to sleep then tossing and turning for an hour, I don't think my husband is to be blamed.

I'm frustrated my cough/cold/flu is taking so long to recover.

I'm irritated constantly by mil with minor minor things. I still don't understand her idiosyncrasies which are not of society norms.

And I'm very angry at my house being very cluttered. I need it to be tidy with a system. This is me, ocd and all.

Best I go apologize to the husband then.

And I miss Isaac.

Actually 2-3 days ago I felt like crying.

Like this really weird end of the world feeling.

It's like being out of control feeling. I don't know what's wrong.

Is my period coming soon? Or some hormones just crashing down.

Only thing other than my cough which is off is my lower abdominal pain. Like cramps like that.

Could also be I pulled my muscles cos cough too much.

And I feel hot all the time. Like internally combusting.

Sick peepur breakfast.

Toast with crumbled feta cheese and ham.

Toast with avocado, egg and crumbled feta cheese.

Loads of feta cos they're going a bit off in the fridge.

Gummy smiles are the best.

More kisses mummy.

Hehehehe not on my feet! It tickles.

Came back from school and open the fridge to get his milk.

Only pumped 5oz this morning because last night fell asleep at 8pm cos too tired from the πŸ€’πŸ€’πŸ€’


Brought this one out for lunch.

Face has rash. Not sure from the fever or just heat rash.

Had Indonesian minced meat noodles at united square.

The taufu rojak very shiok in sweet sourish clear sauce.

Chili also dam shiok. Cleared my sinus a little.

Got back home and received a parcel from @growingwiththetans

So happy opening it.

Thanks for the mandarin books!

I think this is one of the first few Chinese books we have!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Someone fell asleep in the car otw to dinner.

I'm just lusting at his eyelash la. Y so lush.

It looks like my moms after her eyelash extensions.


#drool at mouth.

Hi, I'm handsome.


Mama down, baby down.

Isaiah has a fever about 38c but he is still so smiley and cheerful!!! I think it's from the immunization yesterday.

I'm just sick sick with sore throat and flu.

Avo n eggs

Ham and olive tapenade


I'm terribly sick and in a daze.

But I'm out because I can't stand a certain visitor.

Same boat as you @spiritrip

My date. Left the big one at home.

Even though I'm running a fever of 38c

Mummy still make me do tummy time.

Small baby with big hair. |Dropped growth percentile

Otw to polyclinic.

Nursing on the go.

After injection look. So poor thing ah.


Isaiah drop percentile until off the charts. 😱😱😱😱😡😡😡😡

Weight only 5.11kg now. Percentile from 15 now less than 5 percentile.

Height 58.2cm. From 15 now 8th centile.

Nurse keep saying aiyo baby very light. So small the baby. Repeat 2-3 times.

Funny is, mummy not as kan cheong as them. Cos he's been latching well. Drinking from bottle good too.

Should we be worried?

Yes if his weight and height drops off the growth chart and he's not drinking well from bottle of breast.

Currently he's very active and hitting all his milestones so the dr is not worried.

If we find that he has dropped until less than 3rd centile then yes, she'll refer him to kkh.

She noted he's got a lot of heat rash on the neck, arm and knee flexes so just keep cool and wipe down constantly with cool water.

The only thing the dr commented was "OMG his hair. I can't get over on how bountiful it is!"

Asked me wether korkor hair was like that too.
Isaac had full head of hair but it's more silky and flops down to hair.

Not Powwow like didi πŸ˜‚

See, drinking bottle justtttt fine.

Kicking his legs and chilling.


I'll only worry if next check up also like that laaaa. Act kan cheong abit.

Good news is, can still wear all his cute baby clothes. Hahah.

Set lunch at poulet.

Chicken so small ah. For sure not enough.

Because only $9.90 nett hgd ice cream.

An acquaintance msg me on Facebook. We were unimates.

The thing is, I didn't change. I'm still the same.

It's only you guys that judged me. Your lost we are not close.

I also forgive you guys for not getting to experience my awesomeness.


Ahah so I posted this to my whatsapp chat group with my unimates n they were like mocking her too.

N also agree I'm still bitchy.


Rolling over.

Trying to keep fit, so here's my salad for lunch.

Beef and mango salad.


Upside down

And side ways.

Hehe. The world so funny.

My harshband is cooking marmite chicken for me!!!

Chilling like a villain waiting for daddies cookin!



Not bad for first time effort.

We couldn't get maltose so substitute with honey!!!

And we used loads of the honey @Eviee gifted us from Aussie!

So lucky ah me.

Weekdays helper cooks, weekend husband cooks.

If u all see me fat(ter), don't say anything ok. πŸ˜₯

Rolling rolling

Back to front.

Front to back.

Heheh very pleased with myself.

Milestone unlock.

I'm a big boy now.

Wah today night pump is actually slightly more than yesterday.

Ok another milk booster for me.

1) marmite (yeast extract. I read somewhere it is one of the booster too)
2) honey!!! Sweet and Calorific.

Goodie!!! Maybe need to find the maltose n make more marmite chicken!

What's going on??

Harh??? Huh??

Ok, I think I got it.

*looks into the camera suavely*

Everyone's selfieing so I must join too!

Yesterday's dinner


Oxtail soup with salted egg yolk prawn.

Today's afternoon tea of black coffee at hoshino

Green tea soufflΓ© pancake is very nice.

Mmmmm nice.

Out with mummy

I'm looking at u mummy.

Stop playing with your phone.

Today #helperlevelup again cos she wiped up this salted egg yolk pork ribs in less than half an hour. N stir fry snow peas which are my Fav veg for now.

Last Tuesday she made curry chicken according to my moms recipe.

85% like my moms! So happy.

All the milk boosters are working guys!!!!

What I did throughout the week.

1) bought oat milk from cold storage (then bump into @strawbee on the way out)

2) munch on 1 dates (Yusof taiyob~~~~) at every pumping session.

3) drank my "sacred mothers milk tea". Started on Thursday and yesterday night I also pumped out 4 oz @ 9.30pm. Today yield abit more.

Didn't have salmon haha or durian πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

See this?

Oh? Cannot see ah…

Who reads pie charts n mathematical equation in the morning whilst waiting for bus???? Like its porn like that.

I found this 2 on my bed early this morning.

Both looking a little 😢😢😢😢

Well, good morning to you too, boys!!

So sad!!!

I put my Starbucks cup into my sterilizer. And it's gone!! Senget/warp already.

Said sterilser at my desk, basket for washing pump parts.


Today, Isaiah is 100 days.

And it's 100 days since I gave birth. I think it's high time I get back to gym.

I've contacted my PT and am trying to arrange for slots to work out with him!

For now, weekdays are after 6pm and weekends are Saturday 2pm onwards and Sunday 12pm onwards (both after batdude come back from work).

According to this chart, I'm OBESE!!!!

Wahhh so dark and gloomy at 11.00am.

There goes my plans of eating char kuey teow at Zion hawker center.


*korkor singing and dancing to Maroon 5*

Sugahhh, yes please. Let's go to the safari!!!


Sushi, sashimi, oohhh it is so yummy!!


Aiyo korkor, pls la stop embarrassing me.

I don't know what to do with this korkor.

Nvm I tummy time first.

I tummy time got look cute or not?

When korkor gets back from school, I get tortured!!



Watched "Me before you"

On Facebook!! That's right! You read that correct.

Someone shared it, I randomly clicked on it thinking that it was the trailer. And the next thing I know, I sat 1 hour and 50 minutes on my couch glued to the iPhone.

Ya my battery didn't die. And ya, I cried. I made 1 tissue wonton.

Back to packed pantry lunch today!

Pork chops and simple salad.

Drinking this because ermmmm more milk better???

My yield during office pump is for Isaiah and my night pump is for Isaac.

Macam pumping for 2 babies/twin. But if really twins, I think not enough.

This was what I had to leave behind for work.

Mid morning nap.

Morning tummy time.

Doing some studying.

Not sure whether I'll go through with this. I just might because it sounds easier.

#throwback to Isaacs 1st birthday!

Morning stars!

Isaac opened another of his present today.

First time fixing Legos.

Busy gumming his fist.

I think he has started the process of teething.

He keeps gumming my nips too. Yikes!

Also he has been producing a lot of saliva.

My mother

And father are in Perth.

So I had cake and croissant to console myself. 😁😁

#throwback to Isaacs first birthday!

1st birthday party in 2013!

My mother reminded me on Facebook. So I scoured my FB for all the photos!!

Post here la, easier to see.

He was soooo cuteeeee n cheerful then.

Since he was born in the year of the dragon, a cute baby dragon hatching from its egg was the topper for his cake!

So cute!

Some shots my SIL took.



Breaking little girls hearts since 2012.


#paucheeks at #14weeks

Pumping now!

My view in the mothers room.

Good morning!!! I see you working very hard.


I just saw this amongst Isaac stash of gifts!!

I was wondering how come got this when I saw another gift by @yellojelloo + Tiffany already.

Curious, I slide it open

Out pops a card with my name on it!


Si beh sui lehhhhh!!!!!



Now I can haz 2 original creations of Blithe and merry.

Thank you so much @yellojelloo

Isaac had a party, but mummy got a gift.


4 on the 4th.

It's your birthday today on 4th of July Isaac!

We celebrated it yesterday on Sunday so that more people could attend your party!

Putting up your captain America banner done by aunty @strawbee

Overall view of the party room with you in it!

More decor on the chairs and table for your friends.

Otw there!!!

You were so excited!!

Didi was "bo pian-ing" in the carrier.

When we arrived, spawn 2 was there already.

She tried to give you your present but….

You were so busy playing with the balloons already!!!

Not a care in the world.

See see!

So happy.

Too happy.

Then your friends started trickling in.

Your classmates, mummy Dayre friends kids, and mummy and daddy's colleagues kids.

We were worried you wouldn't have many friends so we invited our friends with kids.

Your cousins came along too.

#paucheeks not happy haha.

You had a blast going down the slides!

Ahahah see your face!!!

The ball pit seems to be your favorite too!!

And woooshhh!!! Your schoolmate diving in together with you albeit abit roughly!!

Then when most of your friends were here, you had some indoor games!

Heheh so cute all listening to what the MC had to say.

Some concentration going on there buddy!

You wouldn't let the blue balloon go.

One of the games where everyone had to find a mat to stand on when the music stopped!

You needed to a lot of help getting into the groove of the game but that's alright, I know you're shy.

I'm glad you didn't burst out crying in fear!

Really looked like you're having fun.

Still not letting go of the balloon.

Next game was the Choo Choo train. Everyone had to dance in a line.

N is so cute here.

I think everyone played this game well. Carrying the egg and going over an obstacle.

Good job N!

Too cute!! Once you got the hang of it you had fun!

Waiting in line for your turn

View of the games going on from the back.

Captain America shield fruit platter made by your daddy.

It was blow cake and sing song time!


You "cutting" your cake!

With grandma @maryannsee and ahyi @ashleysmq

And there you are, eating your fruit cake when it was time for everyone to eat their lunch.

Everyone had fries, nuggets, wantan and popiah but you couldn't have any.

I know you are used to eating alone so looking at you here makes me abit sad yet relieved that you know what you can have and can't.

At least u were very grateful of daddy's effort in the cake, so you ate happily!! Even got excited with the different cut out shapes of the fruits!

Then off you went!!!

Go crazy in the play area.

Back at the ball pit again.

And on the slides again!

As well as all your friends!

Played Legos.

And went "stone". Few times I had to remind you I was your mother!!!!

You were having too much fun to notice me

Didi don't care la. Not his party, so sleep first.

When we got back before I could ask you to pose with all your gifts, you already ripped apart one of it.

And started playing!!!!!

Cars and garage lots and highways.

Ok…you're in heaven.

Ripping out more gifts.

N more…

Thank you spawn 1 & 2 and aunty eviee for the batman shirt, cape and car.

Thank you everyone for the gifts.

So far we've only let him open 1/3 of his gifts he has received.

Slow trickle as Evie described it. I refuse to let him open all at once because I want him to appreciate all he gifts. Slowly open them, get to know the gift by playing/reading/building with it before moving on the to next.

It's also exciting cos u have a few days to open them all. Each day like its ur birthday again! No instant gratification.

I'm also teaching you some patience but not without tears.

Hehe #paucheeks outfit like a country bumpkin.

Happy birthday Isaac!

We really hope you enjoy yourself on your golden birthday.

Thanks everyone for coming to his party!

We only invited kids because it was at a kids play gym so friends with no kids and single, don't feel offended if we didn't invite you because like what were you going to do at the kids gym? Take pic of other ppls kid? Awkward much? Haha.

Hope you understand!!

4th Birthday at Cool De Sac

Isaacs birthday "cake".

Allergy friendly, unless you are allergic to strawberries.

Captain America fruit platter shield.

Cake and platter done by daddy.

Thank you batdude for the effort. I'm sure Isaac appreciated it.

We hope you enjoyed your party!!!!!

Hey girl, good morning!

Gym (tummy) time!

Working out to look good since March 2016!

Look, I'm even doing my abs in.

Actually this is the first time im seeing him grabbing his feet.

So cute.

When I was changing his poopy diapers, I told him his feet smells like salted vinegar chips!

So yummy!! The alternative flavor was sour cream chips.

And he gave me a bigggggg smile!

Out for a quick breakfast before korkor mandarin class ends.

Mmmm shiok.

Salted vinegar/sour cream chips.


Pork knuckle and sauerkraut for lunch.


Daddy making Isaacs cake! 😊😊

Cut cut cut.

Trim trim trim

My little dude all grown up here.

Smell my feet mummy!!!

This Isaac says.

We were talking randomly in mandarin (ya I know, me??? Speaking in mandarin??) with Isaac when he suddenly said,

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: talk in English pls.
πŸ‘©πŸ»: but we are Chinese, so must speak in Chinese la.
πŸ‘¦πŸ»: no, I'm English la. So speak to me in English!
πŸ‘©πŸ»: me and daddy are Chinese, so you cannot be English. You are Chinese too you know!
πŸ‘¦πŸ»: 😳😨 *stun face cos cannot believe he is Chinese*


Sleeping baby with grandma.