Wolverine hair| Salted egg yolk powder

This morning I told him bye bye, I'm going to work.

And he gave me this big smile!!

Aiyooo I don't wanna go already la.

Move the mobile to take better shots. Smiling at me sumore thinking I'm gonna play with him

Hair getting crazy liow.

Ok la. Last shot. Good bye see you in the evening.

Daily tummy time picture update from grandma.

I love this picture a lot. Like a turtle.

Thaiception is real @butterball

Red curry roasted duck.

My noodles. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Bought 2 of this yesterday from Qo100

Came today!

And my momma made these!!


Out for coffee with mummy just now. N Isaiah was busy kaypoing around.

Hi, how are you?

@Sunorchid yiyi, I hope your evening is bright liow. 😎😎😎😁

Get my good side please mummy.

Wolverine hair, don't care.

One thing I notice when I bring him out is that a lot of people will come and peer at him and smile.

Some will look at him directly n go "hello baby" and make googoo sound. And I'm like "please don't touch him ah!"

Of course I never say out loud la, but I really really hope ppl don't touch!!!!

Then my neighborhood Kopitiam tiam uncle who NEVER smiles one suddenly start smiling at him a couple of times liow.

Today he bend down and smile and waved bye bye at him when he off shift!

I think he quite taken by Isaiah. Or either that is his hair.

Cashier aunty who knows my order by heart also cannot resist n wave at him when she left.

Yes it's my hair right???

Not my eyes n face that's cute isn't it?

Ether way, it comes in a package ok? Hair and all.

Laughing today!!

And shaking bum bum yesterday during tummy time! ❀️❀️❀️😍😍😍

Since I cannot sleep….

Isaac, is this you?


[Simon D, Korean singer]
Credit: @andreaY

Hi future #paucheeks!!


[Nicky Wu, Taiwanese actor]
Credit: @kimberzilla @calvinadawn

Caveat: both of my boys need to go for nose fillers/implants or rhinoplasty.

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