Hey girl, good morning!

Gym (tummy) time!

Working out to look good since March 2016!

Look, I'm even doing my abs in.

Actually this is the first time im seeing him grabbing his feet.

So cute.

When I was changing his poopy diapers, I told him his feet smells like salted vinegar chips!

So yummy!! The alternative flavor was sour cream chips.

And he gave me a bigggggg smile!

Out for a quick breakfast before korkor mandarin class ends.

Mmmm shiok.

Salted vinegar/sour cream chips.


Pork knuckle and sauerkraut for lunch.


Daddy making Isaacs cake! 😊😊

Cut cut cut.

Trim trim trim

My little dude all grown up here.

Smell my feet mummy!!!

This Isaac says.

We were talking randomly in mandarin (ya I know, me??? Speaking in mandarin??) with Isaac when he suddenly said,

👦🏻: talk in English pls.
👩🏻: but we are Chinese, so must speak in Chinese la.
👦🏻: no, I'm English la. So speak to me in English!
👩🏻: me and daddy are Chinese, so you cannot be English. You are Chinese too you know!
👦🏻: 😳😨 *stun face cos cannot believe he is Chinese*


Sleeping baby with grandma.

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