4 on the 4th.

It's your birthday today on 4th of July Isaac!

We celebrated it yesterday on Sunday so that more people could attend your party!

Putting up your captain America banner done by aunty @strawbee

Overall view of the party room with you in it!

More decor on the chairs and table for your friends.

Otw there!!!

You were so excited!!

Didi was "bo pian-ing" in the carrier.

When we arrived, spawn 2 was there already.

She tried to give you your present but….

You were so busy playing with the balloons already!!!

Not a care in the world.

See see!

So happy.

Too happy.

Then your friends started trickling in.

Your classmates, mummy Dayre friends kids, and mummy and daddy's colleagues kids.

We were worried you wouldn't have many friends so we invited our friends with kids.

Your cousins came along too.

#paucheeks not happy haha.

You had a blast going down the slides!

Ahahah see your face!!!

The ball pit seems to be your favorite too!!

And woooshhh!!! Your schoolmate diving in together with you albeit abit roughly!!

Then when most of your friends were here, you had some indoor games!

Heheh so cute all listening to what the MC had to say.

Some concentration going on there buddy!

You wouldn't let the blue balloon go.

One of the games where everyone had to find a mat to stand on when the music stopped!

You needed to a lot of help getting into the groove of the game but that's alright, I know you're shy.

I'm glad you didn't burst out crying in fear!

Really looked like you're having fun.

Still not letting go of the balloon.

Next game was the Choo Choo train. Everyone had to dance in a line.

N is so cute here.

I think everyone played this game well. Carrying the egg and going over an obstacle.

Good job N!

Too cute!! Once you got the hang of it you had fun!

Waiting in line for your turn

View of the games going on from the back.

Captain America shield fruit platter made by your daddy.

It was blow cake and sing song time!


You "cutting" your cake!

With grandma @maryannsee and ahyi @ashleysmq

And there you are, eating your fruit cake when it was time for everyone to eat their lunch.

Everyone had fries, nuggets, wantan and popiah but you couldn't have any.

I know you are used to eating alone so looking at you here makes me abit sad yet relieved that you know what you can have and can't.

At least u were very grateful of daddy's effort in the cake, so you ate happily!! Even got excited with the different cut out shapes of the fruits!

Then off you went!!!

Go crazy in the play area.

Back at the ball pit again.

And on the slides again!

As well as all your friends!

Played Legos.

And went "stone". Few times I had to remind you I was your mother!!!!

You were having too much fun to notice me

Didi don't care la. Not his party, so sleep first.

When we got back before I could ask you to pose with all your gifts, you already ripped apart one of it.

And started playing!!!!!

Cars and garage lots and highways.

Ok…you're in heaven.

Ripping out more gifts.

N more…

Thank you spawn 1 & 2 and aunty eviee for the batman shirt, cape and car.

Thank you everyone for the gifts.

So far we've only let him open 1/3 of his gifts he has received.

Slow trickle as Evie described it. I refuse to let him open all at once because I want him to appreciate all he gifts. Slowly open them, get to know the gift by playing/reading/building with it before moving on the to next.

It's also exciting cos u have a few days to open them all. Each day like its ur birthday again! No instant gratification.

I'm also teaching you some patience but not without tears.

Hehe #paucheeks outfit like a country bumpkin.

Happy birthday Isaac!

We really hope you enjoy yourself on your golden birthday.

Thanks everyone for coming to his party!

We only invited kids because it was at a kids play gym so friends with no kids and single, don't feel offended if we didn't invite you because like what were you going to do at the kids gym? Take pic of other ppls kid? Awkward much? Haha.

Hope you understand!!

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