#throwback to Isaacs 1st birthday!

Morning stars!

Isaac opened another of his present today.

First time fixing Legos.

Busy gumming his fist.

I think he has started the process of teething.

He keeps gumming my nips too. Yikes!

Also he has been producing a lot of saliva.

My mother

And father are in Perth.

So I had cake and croissant to console myself. 😁😁

#throwback to Isaacs first birthday!

1st birthday party in 2013!

My mother reminded me on Facebook. So I scoured my FB for all the photos!!

Post here la, easier to see.

He was soooo cuteeeee n cheerful then.

Since he was born in the year of the dragon, a cute baby dragon hatching from its egg was the topper for his cake!

So cute!

Some shots my SIL took.



Breaking little girls hearts since 2012.


#paucheeks at #14weeks

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