See this?

Oh? Cannot see ah…

Who reads pie charts n mathematical equation in the morning whilst waiting for bus???? Like its porn like that.

I found this 2 on my bed early this morning.

Both looking a little 😢😢😢😢

Well, good morning to you too, boys!!

So sad!!!

I put my Starbucks cup into my sterilizer. And it's gone!! Senget/warp already.

Said sterilser at my desk, basket for washing pump parts.


Today, Isaiah is 100 days.

And it's 100 days since I gave birth. I think it's high time I get back to gym.

I've contacted my PT and am trying to arrange for slots to work out with him!

For now, weekdays are after 6pm and weekends are Saturday 2pm onwards and Sunday 12pm onwards (both after batdude come back from work).

According to this chart, I'm OBESE!!!!

Wahhh so dark and gloomy at 11.00am.

There goes my plans of eating char kuey teow at Zion hawker center.


*korkor singing and dancing to Maroon 5*

Sugahhh, yes please. Let's go to the safari!!!


Sushi, sashimi, oohhh it is so yummy!!


Aiyo korkor, pls la stop embarrassing me.

I don't know what to do with this korkor.

Nvm I tummy time first.

I tummy time got look cute or not?

When korkor gets back from school, I get tortured!!



Watched "Me before you"

On Facebook!! That's right! You read that correct.

Someone shared it, I randomly clicked on it thinking that it was the trailer. And the next thing I know, I sat 1 hour and 50 minutes on my couch glued to the iPhone.

Ya my battery didn't die. And ya, I cried. I made 1 tissue wonton.

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