Yesterday's dinner


Oxtail soup with salted egg yolk prawn.

Today's afternoon tea of black coffee at hoshino

Green tea soufflé pancake is very nice.

Mmmmm nice.

Out with mummy

I'm looking at u mummy.

Stop playing with your phone.

Today #helperlevelup again cos she wiped up this salted egg yolk pork ribs in less than half an hour. N stir fry snow peas which are my Fav veg for now.

Last Tuesday she made curry chicken according to my moms recipe.

85% like my moms! So happy.

All the milk boosters are working guys!!!!

What I did throughout the week.

1) bought oat milk from cold storage (then bump into @strawbee on the way out)

2) munch on 1 dates (Yusof taiyob~~~~) at every pumping session.

3) drank my "sacred mothers milk tea". Started on Thursday and yesterday night I also pumped out 4 oz @ 9.30pm. Today yield abit more.

Didn't have salmon haha or durian 😂😂😂😂

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