Rolling over.

Trying to keep fit, so here's my salad for lunch.

Beef and mango salad.


Upside down

And side ways.

Hehe. The world so funny.

My harshband is cooking marmite chicken for me!!!

Chilling like a villain waiting for daddies cookin!



Not bad for first time effort.

We couldn't get maltose so substitute with honey!!!

And we used loads of the honey @Eviee gifted us from Aussie!

So lucky ah me.

Weekdays helper cooks, weekend husband cooks.

If u all see me fat(ter), don't say anything ok. 😥

Rolling rolling

Back to front.

Front to back.

Heheh very pleased with myself.

Milestone unlock.

I'm a big boy now.

Wah today night pump is actually slightly more than yesterday.

Ok another milk booster for me.

1) marmite (yeast extract. I read somewhere it is one of the booster too)
2) honey!!! Sweet and Calorific.

Goodie!!! Maybe need to find the maltose n make more marmite chicken!

What's going on??

Harh??? Huh??

Ok, I think I got it.

*looks into the camera suavely*

Everyone's selfieing so I must join too!

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