Small baby with big hair. |Dropped growth percentile

Otw to polyclinic.

Nursing on the go.

After injection look. So poor thing ah.


Isaiah drop percentile until off the charts. 😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵

Weight only 5.11kg now. Percentile from 15 now less than 5 percentile.

Height 58.2cm. From 15 now 8th centile.

Nurse keep saying aiyo baby very light. So small the baby. Repeat 2-3 times.

Funny is, mummy not as kan cheong as them. Cos he's been latching well. Drinking from bottle good too.

Should we be worried?

Yes if his weight and height drops off the growth chart and he's not drinking well from bottle of breast.

Currently he's very active and hitting all his milestones so the dr is not worried.

If we find that he has dropped until less than 3rd centile then yes, she'll refer him to kkh.

She noted he's got a lot of heat rash on the neck, arm and knee flexes so just keep cool and wipe down constantly with cool water.

The only thing the dr commented was "OMG his hair. I can't get over on how bountiful it is!"

Asked me wether korkor hair was like that too.
Isaac had full head of hair but it's more silky and flops down to hair.

Not Powwow like didi 😂

See, drinking bottle justtttt fine.

Kicking his legs and chilling.


I'll only worry if next check up also like that laaaa. Act kan cheong abit.

Good news is, can still wear all his cute baby clothes. Hahah.

Set lunch at poulet.

Chicken so small ah. For sure not enough.

Because only $9.90 nett hgd ice cream.

An acquaintance msg me on Facebook. We were unimates.

The thing is, I didn't change. I'm still the same.

It's only you guys that judged me. Your lost we are not close.

I also forgive you guys for not getting to experience my awesomeness.


Ahah so I posted this to my whatsapp chat group with my unimates n they were like mocking her too.

N also agree I'm still bitchy.


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