I found selfies of #1 on my phone.

So cute la!!!

Aiyoo the duck pout.

4 turning 14?

Did he learn this act cute pose from you, ah Yi @ashleysmq ?


Too cute

Cracks me up sometimes.

Had a wonderful dinner with my cousins and uncle and aunties.

They were all down for a short visit. Some of them flew down from Aus before flying off to US and UK for a family holiday.

Us girls just chatting.

This morning both boys following the rainbow.

1 is sulking the other is super smiley.

Sums them up nicely. Actually I think korkor was a smiley baby too. Before he got hit with the reality of life called getting up early and going to school haha.

My view before I left for work. ❀️

Finally got my hands on them!

Thank you @mrsergul for delivering them to the office.

Now, to nyom them.

First beautiful piece.

I look at them n reminds me of ( . ) ( . )

What you guys think? Hehe. Just coincidence only la.


They are really good!!!!!

I'm not joking.

The chocolate bits are the bomb. And the crispness of it.

Good quality ingredients went into it. I know because I used to bake. So the taste is just 😍😍😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️❀️😘😘😘😘

Problem is, it's only 12 piece a pack.

Looks like I've to limit my self to 1 cookie per pump session.

And in one day i have 4 pumping sessions. Oh oh…..

I get super pissed off when the house is untidy.


Toys are everywhere I cannot tahan.

Books are everywhere. You think the 4 year old boy will read all this??

I've already arranged it but it's the sheer volume of it that's driving me nuts.

Be realistic la, you think didi is going to read the purple, brown, yellow book that's old and musty? Those books are just….purple, brown and yellow colour literally.

He does love reading the books that are relevant to him like the Disney Planes and car series. Marvel and dc comics are up there too.

Peppa pig, Thomas and pooh are good and attractive as well.

But the rest have not been touch. Ever.

Ok rant over.

Hrmmm do I have some unfinished business somewhere?

Work I'm ok.

Socially I'm ok.

Health down in a funk.

Hemmmm what what??

There's something bothering me but I don't know what! The messiness is only a trigger not the root cause. Tidy house just prevented the #jibaboom

It has been almost a month since I had this cough thing.

The past week just got worse. I remembered taking mc on 27 June too cos it's 2nd week into my "just restarted work".

Yes I'm pissed off at this cough flu thing.

Why am I not getting any better?

Stupid respi physician can't do shits about it. I get dam pissed because he doesn't seem to want to have empathy towards my urti!!

Pissed pissed pissed.

Advice: don't marry a doctor. 😑😑😑😑😑

I have to self prescribed medicine on my own.

After expressing my milk, nursing a crying baby to sleep then tossing and turning for an hour, I don't think my husband is to be blamed.

I'm frustrated my cough/cold/flu is taking so long to recover.

I'm irritated constantly by mil with minor minor things. I still don't understand her idiosyncrasies which are not of society norms.

And I'm very angry at my house being very cluttered. I need it to be tidy with a system. This is me, ocd and all.

Best I go apologize to the husband then.

And I miss Isaac.

Actually 2-3 days ago I felt like crying.

Like this really weird end of the world feeling.

It's like being out of control feeling. I don't know what's wrong.

Is my period coming soon? Or some hormones just crashing down.

Only thing other than my cough which is off is my lower abdominal pain. Like cramps like that.

Could also be I pulled my muscles cos cough too much.

And I feel hot all the time. Like internally combusting.

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