Morning be like avo, smokie and egg.

Bye bye.

See you in the evening.


Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

Will be going there for a week in November.

Is the hotel there any nice?

Leftover grass fed tenderloin steak and boiled potatoes for lunch.

Imagine the potatoes smothered in sour cream and onions.

Happy birthday @cikumuffin !!!

I'm also very happy taking half day leave next week.

Just to chill n do nothing.

Oh maybe eat n eat.

Pang gang looooo!!


Was suppose to meet up with my cousin for ice cream at 8.30pm just now.

But didi feel asleep and I was hacking away.

My cough seems more chesty today. Darn itchy.

So I passed. 😞😞😞

All the aunties and uncles and kids were there too.


Oh no….feeling sad again.

Should have went out to see my cousins.

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