Bento set today.

I'm still sick.


My 2 tablets of redoxon.

Hopefully amp up my immunity.

Or maybe, I should just drink my own breast milk la. #ironic

On days like these, I wish I don't have to work.

I wish I can stay in bed all day with the little and not so little one.

Morning cuddles and giggly faces. And smell their baby smell. And sourish feet.

This morning Isaiah was all cute and smiley that I cuddled with him on the bed and went to work abit late. Of course my head was all stuffed up and looked like someone punch me in the eye.

I think I need a break to recover from this mega super draggy cough/cold/flu.

So ever since California fitness at raffles closed unexpectedly on Saturday, I've been trying to contact my personal trainer on how to resume my training.

The other clubs are open at novena so he can still train there.

The problem is he has not been replying my whatsapp and when I called him, apparently the number not in service. Simisai.

When I go to novena branch to change a trainer, no one is there to entertain me. I'm so angry.

What else can I do??

Didi, your hair today like Don King.


Don King πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

It's 8pm and everyone is in bed and all the lights are off

Yup….we are all not so in the pink of health.

8.30pm and someone is snoring soundly.

And it's not Isaiah because he's still nyoming my boobs to sleep.

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