At the Drs. So fun being sick ah.

Got another 2 days mc n change antibiotic cos obviously current one not working.

My phlegm still Lego box green n still very thick.

Didi had been regurgitating slimy spit ups.

Half digested milk, and the other half is thick and clear mucous.

My deduction on why the clear mucous is:
1) I'm taking flumacil and hence, his mucous also watery therefore all coming up.


2) he is teething and producing loads of saliva which he is swallowing and it's all coming out when he chokes on it or when he puts his fingers in his mouth and gags.

Had kimchi soup for lunch.

Roast pork belly fried in leek and kuey chap (innards and duck meat) for dinner.

My milk boosters?

Although today I'm really sick and all antibiotic up still got the most milk I've ever pumped for night pump.

Super strange. Maybe body knows baby needs more milk.

I think this dr I went to got the right antibiotics!!!

Happy to report that my phlegm is pale green almost white in colour now.

I'm hoping tomorrow morning it will be around the same colour. Then I can confirm the bacterial load is less and this antibiotic is killing if off.

Also maybe @cikumuffin Hail Mary x 5 is working la. Thanks babe. Hehe

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