Well, since the news of my gym closing down before I sleep was a bad one..

Have an awesome breakfast after a good sleep.

Croissant ($1 from bread talk promo), smoked Scottish salmon and Edam (forgot what cheese liow) cheese. With lots of extras smoked salmon and cheese at the side.

Oh no…mummy, daddy….help.


Hermmm I'm not so sure about this.

It's kinda nice and warm kind of..morning hug..

Sighhhh….ok la korkor.

Hugs back….

I love you too. ❤️

Now we are at a different doctor just to get Isaac checked out.

I don't quite like this dr already. He's not here.


Oh oh. Someone pass out on my soft cushion.

Didi grrring away.

Not cut out to be sahm oh.

Successful placement on mattress.

Then rescue didi from bouncer to boobs.

And didi poop his diapers with a loud shart and promptly fell asleep.
How to change him ah?

Enjoying some chicken drumstick.

I'm so happy with my spiralizer.

Asked batdude to get it for me 2 years ago from the states when I just started paleo.

Then the previous 🌚🌚 helper store it God knows where and refused to use it.

Now I can!!!! Yeay!! This helper got initiative.


Zoodles with pesto sauce made out of spinach, pine nuts and garlic.

Very rich! Maybe next time less pine nuts and add cilantro and basil. Didn't have those on hand.

Enoki mushroom wrapped in bacon.

Round 1.

Wanted record down what the PD said this morning about Isaacs growth.

He took His head circumference, height and weight.

Head is "adult size already" according to PD at above 95 centile. Weight and height is at 50th centile. I told him it took a long time to reach 15kg! He was stuck at 14kg for about a year plus.

But I told him that Isaac eat a lot too albeit abit restrictively due to his allergies.

Also I want to record down that he took this nasonex spray very well!!!

I showed him that I was using a nasal spray to clear my block nose too and demonstrated how to administer it.

Then he tried to spray his by himself. So proud!!!

I helped him angle and pressed the spray of course, but he didn't gag or panicked or shook his head.

Well done!! In fact I showed him to inhaled deeply the dose and he did!! Yeah!

I've to use this for 7 nights as his turbinates are very swollen and clogged.

Maybe he thinks it's fun to stick the white portion up his nose.

Haha. Hopefully it helps with his allergic rhinitis and post nasal drip cough.

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