Mee sua for breakfast!!!

Made by my helper. I ask her to learn and replicate from my mother.

This morning, us in bed.

See the hamham eyes. He was smiling so sweetly but whenever the iPhone points to him, the smile is gone.

My leftover lunch today.

Butternut squash soup, pesto zoodles, cinnamon pork chop & enoki wrap in bacon.

Love my leftovers.

It's hard work drinking tea and sticking out pinkie at the same time.

I tried and couldn't do it. But sexy here tried. And pass. Can be taitai already.

See I tried. But cannot.

I got to practice sticking out the pinkie more.

We went for high tea with @cikumuffin and @Eviee to semi celebrate ciku's belated birthday and also mainly to gossip.

Chatter too much I can't believe I never take pictures of my food.

Oh wait! I did.

That's the only picture I took of the food. The selection is limited but it is good!! Best is children under 6 eats for free.

Isaac made the buffet worth it.

By eating 6 or more plates of fruits!!

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