Damn you shoes.

Throwing u away once I arrive at work.

Biting me since the day I bought it in 2013. Yes, another twinning shoes with the husband. He threw away his already.

N everybody left for school run without kissing me good bye.


Wanted to record this down.

Yesterday was the first day the new helper was left alone with the 2 boys.

She manage to pick Isaac up from school and entertained him. She also manage to put didi down for naps.

When I got home, Isaac was in such a good mood and so chatty. It was endearing. Didi was asleep in the bouncer.

And she was cooking our dinner when I walked in. ❤️❤️😍😍


The most important part was Isaac is in a good mood!!!

Munching my oatmeal cookies and sipping my C-juice with oatmeal milk whilst pumping.

Unfortunately, oats are not my milk boosters. Getting the same amount as before I started them. Maybe 2oz more overall for the whole day yield.

Not double or triple yield like other lactating mummies.

Leftovers for lunch!

Hehe so cute!!! Look like Little puppy this Isaiah.

#cctv #stalkermomseries

Ahahah look at the monkey behind there.

And helper cooing n trying to put didi to sleep.

Weheeee!!!! I've got mail!!

Tots loving the pink bubble wrap!


My first Kylie matte liquid lipstick and lip liner!!

In love!

Thank you @strawbee 😘😘😘


Please forgive me for my pathetic swatching attempt. Koko K looks more pinkish than my Mollie impeccable. Loving the sweet smell too.

You mind reader ah @strawbee cos just this few days I was thinking of getting a more pinkish tone.

Fail beauty blogger.



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