I ate didi because he is so yummy.

Same same but different breakfast.

Macadamia nut waffles with maple syrup, avocado and streaky bacon.

I hope my horse will give my career a flying boost!!!!

What do you guys think???

Public service announcement!!!!

Anybody need me to buy stuff from
– Diane shampoos
– heroine make
– Gatsby
– Dolly wink
– Bifesta
– Lucidol-l

Let me know!!!! Usually they throw price. Eg:

Dolly wink eye liner 10 bucks (or was it 5 bucks).

Hair gel men also 5 bucks.

Bifesta make up remover about 10 bucks per bottle.

Usually I stock up. Bought loads of Bifesta remover. I use daily and liberally. About 3 bottles liow. Cheap ba. Wipes also have
Got falsies from dolly wink also

Wahlau korkor.

Your morning breath…. πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

Ehehe just kidding la.

*Soft voice*

Seriously mummy, u got to do something with korkors breath.


It's morning!!!! Rise and shine!!!!

It's a new dayyyy. Wee!!!

πŸ‘©πŸ»: tone it down you guys. I still want to catch my 40 winks before the real morning starts.

So cheery in the morning like the father. I kenut….

Peace mummy.

We promise to be good and happy. Don't angry la.

Ponies at work.

The things we do.

Ahhh my first born. Just now you made didi cry.

I've asked you to watch over him whilst I gather my stuff to go for a quick shower.

The next moment, I heard didi cries. I turn around and saw you on top of him your face covering his face. Didi face was all wet with your saliva.

Of course I smacked you because didi could have suffocated.

You cried silently, your face mashed into the bed. You slide off the bed and cover your face so you wouldn't let me see you cry.

I warn you again not to touch or kiss didis face from now on.

You left the room wiping your tears away.

Later on I asked you, why did you make didi cry.

Why did you cover your mouth over his face. He could have suffocated.

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: I ate him because didi is so yummy!

πŸ‘©πŸ»: 😱

Then I burst out laughing. He laughed too. At least I know he was not being malicious, he really thinks didi is irresistible and wants to "eat" him.

So I told him, I find didi yummy too, but we can't eat him. If we do, he would die. Then we won't have anymore didi so we will be sad.

I've asked him to promise me that he won't eat didi again, no matter how delicious and irresistible didi is.

Hahahaha. Can't help laughing thinking about it.

Sorry I've posted the caption of the pictures that is totally unrelated. The selfies with him are too cute not to post.

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