4 months old | Cats birthday.


Sent korkor to mandarin class, and now I'm having breakfast with mummy and daddy.

I'm 4 months today.

I can still fit into my Day 1 onesie.

Oh well!!! At least I look different from day 1.

2 boys chilling. Baby very happy swinging his legs around.

Went to brunettis tanglin for tea.

Then we celebrated @calistallicious birthday today at dinner.

I did not take any pictures at all.

Food was good, cake was hipster awesome and company was the best.

These 2 reading intensely!!! Nerd alert hehe.

I thought this was so funny.

Didi "dangling" from my boobies.

He was sleeping and drinking. So cannot detach easily. Hahah.

Happy birthday @calistallicious

Hope you like your present!!!

And thanks @doooduuu for organizing the dinner.

Ohh and wanted to note down that today I went swimming since giving birth.

Swam about 20 mins. Isaac and batdude joined me too!!!

Fun fun!!

I think in the weekday evening when I get back to work, I shall jog around the condo. Pass didi to helper. Isaac can jog with me if he wants.

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