Wine o'clock. All by myself.


(Actually no la, didi did a fart, not sure got poop or not so daddy n korkor went n settle him)

Lobster with angel hair pasta.

Such a pretty dish.

Love the duck confit.

Had sauerkraut and bacon at the bottom with roasts new potatoes.

Pear dessert. With brioche and 2 diff ice cream.

Apple desert. Wrap in filo pastry. The foam not sure what flavor. But was yummy

My big baby wanted to be carried today.

So I carried him. And I ask daddy to take a picture. Big baby say cannot. Later ppl see.

But we took anyway.

And he's like noooo. Cannot let my classmate see. Later I shy.

Wah 4 years old already know how to be embarrassed ah.




Torture session in progress!

Today you look so pretty!!

Yup, very stunning.

These are so pretty.

I'm so glad I bought them in a whim after seeing @chatoyant card.

Went to Starbucks, saw whole range, fell in love and #buybuybuy

The ceramic mug is so beautiful too.

And since today is the 31st day of the month, baskin robin it is.

And this may also be my last dairy anything. Been noticing that Isaiah is having very bad rashes on face, neck, armpits, arm, thighs and chest.

I'll avoid for the whole of August and see if he improves by end of August. If he does, then confirm he may have some issues with dairy.

Wah I'm really paying for carrying Isaac this afternoon.

My neck and shoulder feels very tight and strained.

Both my hips feel very sore.

And it was less than half an hour of carrying him.

For the record, he is only 15.6kg.


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