Lunch! My pork "salad".

22 weeks already!!

So fast!!

And I'm quite excited to get him on solids after reading the Super nutrition book.

Can't wait to go wet market and get some fresh liver and waiting for my extra Virgin cod liver oil to reach me.

Also, should start tinkering and make sauerkraut. And another project is kombucha.

5 months today!

Shots taken by batdude this morning.

He is 5 months old today!!!

Hair still as fabulous as ever.

5.7 kg

So I went and weigh myself with didi on our home weighing scales to see how much weight, if any, that he has put on.

Did it the old fashion way of carry didi + myself then put didi down and weigh myself and then doing the math.

I'm happy to report he has put on 350gms from 12 August!!!! Good amount for 18 days???

I hope he touches 6 kg by 15 September then no need go see specialist in kkh.

Quite happy about his weight gain.

The hardest thing about working life is


– Joanne Seow

Having leftovers!

Flank steak with bell peppers and onions at the bottom.

And this morning French toast drizzled with maple syrup.

Phoenix durian from Homes favorite.

Back story on how I got this.

Was walking around GWC trying to catch Pokemon after work. I have no idea why I went and lean against their display cabinet of the stall.

Immediately this cute sales aunty scoop out a big teaspoon of the MSW durian snowskin to try. Of cos I take. The she says "try this one" and scoop another full tea spoon. Then she spoon a huge serving of the D24 one. And then another of the hill durian or something.

I said it's all nice

Then she said "oh you must have forgotten how the first one taste like!"

First one was the MSW and she scoop another big spoon. And I happily nyom it. Essentially, she fed me almost half a durian snow skin mooncake in total. So generous her "samples".

And that's how you buy another 4 more durian snowskin mooncake from this sales aunty.

– the end –

Everything that korkor do, didi finds it so interesting.

Little bro sure hero-worships older bro.

Sometimes when I look at him chattering away, I can't believe I'm actually a mom. Let alone a mom of two kids. 😱😱😱

And this!

I didn't know he can draw and write his own name!!

Went to Outback Steakhouse for an early dinner! Like 4.30pm kind of early.

Hey, it's 50% off, so why not.

Our appetizer of onion rings!

Batdudes sirloin steak with crab meat and hollandaise sauce. Baked jacket potatoes and coleslaw.

Now usually u won't get the jacket potatoes wrong, but this one not nice la!! Jacks place does it so much better.

My baby back ribs and Alice spring chicken. Ribs and chicken are not bad.

Corn cannot make it. So nuaaaa.

Overall it's ok. Since its 50%. Won't come back to pay full price for this quality.

I still can't believe Isaac drew this.

4 years and 2 months!

And this!

This is his teachers day card.

On the left is didi, Isaac (I dunno y look like balding man) and his teacher!!

Dear teachers was helped by batdude, the rest was all him!

And yeaaa only blue cause his favorite colour.

Toasted French Camembert cheese on err toast for supper.


Trying to finish up food before going back to KL for 10 days!!!

So satisfying! Better then our dinner just now.


So after 4 weeks of no dairy, I have dairyed yesterday and today.

And Isaiah still has very bad dermatitis on his cheeks. His neck and armpit is very red and very raw still.

Dairy should have cleared in week 2 and if he was allergic to milk, we should have seen crystal clear baby skin. But nope.

We noticed that his skin gets worst when we go out. When it is hot, he sweats n his neck gets angry fat and red. Armpits looks so raw n glistening with sweat too. Doesn't look like he's in pain.

His skin also flares up when we baby wear him in the carrier.

Because it's close proximity, his cheeks rubbing against our clothes, the skin on cheeks looks 'rubbed off' too.

Boh pian. All we can do it moisturize, moisturize and if it gets infected, apply antibiotic cream and moisturize.

Morning morning eat duck confit!

But the pork belly looks good too!

Be still my heart!

Jeremy Scott charriot with gold wings!!!

Faster la somebody in my family have baby and get it!!!!!

Husband and wife hungry. So supper time!!

Tarpau maggi goreng with Ayam

#paucheeks really can smile.

So cuteeeeee…

So geram!!!

But I think…

Shots of Isaac playing and in his elements are the best.

This one can send to ad agency.



Hello….see me through the droplets.

Water, glorious, glorious water!!!!

Husband doing some art

So I also do abit la.


It looks so rough.

Haze is back!

Bbq smell!! Haze is back!

24 PSI already 54 in central and PM2.5 is 66 currently.


From my pumping room.

Visibility is so bad. Can't believe the PSI only 128 at 11am. Should be more than that!

My GM has issued advisory if PSI reached 200, all sales team visit and delivery will be suspended.

If reach PSI 300, we will have to work from home!

So, everyday will bring back laptop just in case the next morning is bad!

I hope the helper has switched on the aircond and closed all windows.

My 2 babies at home!!! 😰😰😰

Sleepy face when I left for work.

Happy face after dinner!

Korkor stole didis bottle and drank it all.

He did not eat dinner because he said he was full. And I did not force him to eat.

And it was rather peaceful. No shouting n force feeding.

Anyway, he won't go hungry la. If he's hungry then he should wait till breakfast.

Just got this in the mail today!

Thanks for the recommendation @mamaboo

@spiritrip I've got them too and gonna read it thoroughly.

Oh amajing @jingthepianist

We love you.

This came in the mail today.

Such a sweet gesture. It is not too late. He's 21 week this week.


Bless your sweet soul! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💐💐💐

This afternoon situation.

I wasn't feeling well and only woke up when Isaac came home!!

Slept with didi. That explains his bed hair!!

Then korkor asked didi to play cars with him.

Isaac was telling me that Isaiah is digging his car wheels out!

Then Isaac got bored and starting shooting random shots of me.

And Isaiah.

Very artistic ah. Good shot of i do say so myself.




Everyone got a little pent up in the arvo, so took the boys out for coffee and chill a little. Maybe read a book.

Best! Didi feel asleep for about 20 minutes.

And Isaac stole my phone to take more artistic shots.

Shots of didi..

His story book and lunch box filled with snacks.

More didi

And didi.

And didi. Really not bad hor his subject matter.


Credit: Isaac Puah.

Into it…


His fav book.


My mothercare loot is here.

I've got Isaac birthday discount code to use so #buybuybuy

Quite excited to use this.

Yes u can save money by cutting empty bottles n fix to the faucet, but whose got time for that.

Attach to faucet so the little ones can reach it.

I hope Isaacs pyjamas sleeves doesn't get wet anymore after this!!!!


My most bohliow buy ever.

For didi!!! Since korkor got the big mat, didi will use this when I start BLW!

Extra large Muslin cloth/swaddle.

Big enough to cover the pram. So that pesky strangers do not touch #paucheeks when I'm out.

Wash mitt!! Very handy during bath time. Can wipe didi clean and also do a puppet show at the same time.

Isaac had one as well and we used it for bath time until it disintegrated!!! He loved it!

Tonights poison of choice.

Kele MSW snow skin mooncake. If it's anything like the D24 one, the skin confirm very thick.

Let me dig in first.

Yup, super thick. Can you see how thick it is.

Not so shiok la. 😞😞

#paucheeks first proper swim

If you want things done your way, then do it yourself.

Just a thought to myself on how somethings are done, but they fall short of how I expect it to be.

It is livable but it could have been better.

Oh well. At least the most important thing is taken care of.

So boring nobody disturbing you Hor.

Korkor went to school liow.

The sight that greeted me when I got back home today.


Twinning (or is it Tri-ing) with papa.

All matchy swim shorts. Isaac insisted on wearing a swim shirt cos he say it will be cold.


We all went for a swim!!!

First time in a float. Didi took it quite well.

Overzealous brother is overzealous. I was so afraid korkor will pull the float and tip didi over into water!

Excuse the milk jugs.

Adjusting didis legs so he can have some free movement.

Hehe chillin'


Mummy, this is pretty nice.

See see this korkor.

After a while, we let him be and he actually kicked himself from one end of the pool to the other.

Not bad ah.

Came back and bath him.

And straight away knocked out. Must be tired huh.

Isaac fed himself for dinner!

Today Isaac finally fed himself.

Initially insisted for the helper to feed him.

But I told him she's busy with loads of things. So he must eat himself.

*4 yo di leh, still want ppl to feed meh?

And was so happy he finished his rice today.

We took big mouth fulls together, so it was like a synchronized eating. He thought it was fun!! So that's what got him finishing up his dinner.

Hey, works for me too. Better than shouting for him to finish it, we made it into a game.

Finish! Like a baws.

Having the Kele D24 snow skin mooncake.

Ok, not so nice. The skin sucks. They clever, serve us the flesh for tasting but not the skin.

Will stick to Homes Favorite next time!!

Last one!! Cos it's just too darn cute not to post!


Late office lunch.

Tarpau sushi bowl from Teppei Syokudo.

Added uni….because why not??

I do not know what face #paucheeks was making over dinner.

He's hilarious!

My dear camper @Eviee

Have, have.

Today is MSW from homes. And I'm going to finish the whole thing in one sitting. 😋😋😋😋

Mmmmmmm MSW flesh.

All I can say is mmmmmmmm so goooddddd.

Dinner time!!!

And coffee because I'm shutting down already.

My mains of bbq pork cutlets.

Delish 😋😋😋

Otw to shalins place for a swim-date. Unfortunately the rest of the korkor were napping.

But we had a great catch up.

Hanging in the couch.

Before this I went for a colleagues baby shower in the afternoon. And then dinner at Dempsey

I really didn't do much today but felt exhausted.

Hehe but had a good day.

Hehehe we certainly did.

Ok now everybody, go and 😴😴😴😴😴

Snack time, just because I can.

Lulian flesh, I lup youuu.

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

In the mornings, we chill.

In the afternoon, we fly!

What? So boring is it my life?

Ok lo, let's go exploring.

We went to Jacob Ballas children's garden today.

Very nice place for kids. It's small enough but has a lot different pockets of things to see and do.

Si beh boring.

Can I go home now please? So hot sumore.

Korkor sure enjoyed himself!!

Went up and down the slide. I think he was too light so he keeps flying off into the sand when he slides down.

Until it got so bad, he flew off and hit his head as he landed!

This was more korkors thing!

He loves the water!

Screaming in glee!!


Mummy is just…..RBF-ing.


Bought PB pajamas 2nd piece at $20.

@calvinadawn you really poison me. But then, I couldn't find didis 6 months clothes so I bought first.

Went to Takashimaya today because I stocked up on durian mooncakes!!!

2 Mao Shang wang
2 D24

I think this brand Kele was about $52 for these four. Tasted nicer than Homes.

Got the Homes favorites just cos I got them last year.

Somehow didn't taste as good as Kele.

2 D24

I think about $57.50? After discount.

Also got 2 baked mooncakes from this stall.

1 was custard egg yolk lava

And another is 4 egg yolk in lotus paste. 4 egg yolks yo!!! Eat until song!!

I hate those with nuts n ham bits inside. Can't stand all the TCC and TWG type too.

What I really really liked is regent hotel snow skin durian mooncake. Tasted the best amongst all I bought.

But I didn't get it because bought all the above already. 💸💸💸💸

Will get Regent Hotel durian if I finished all the above before 21st August.

Pump buddy @wokandkadhai are you pumping now???

I love the morning cuddles.

Korkor say cannot open his eyes cos too bright.

Still so sleepy.


Bye bye Isaiah. See you when I get back from work.

Every morning he will give me a big goofy smile before I go.

Then, it's make not want to go work.


Moar ribs and avocado.

Yes, I know I'm fat.


They look so cute together. Didi supported by mil watching korkor play.

Daddy, korkor and didi matching swim shorts!!!


Didi, y milk don't want to drink but toys want to eat??

How to grow like this?

Someone enjoying his beer and watching badminton.

Lee Chong Wei vs Ham Dan. Haha.

Why got hornbill In the city!!

Singapore is so safe that hornbills also come out and play in the city?

Can see the pair? I'm assuming it's male and female. The male like very protective of the female.

Female at the back trying to be inconspicuous.

I got down from the bus at GWC and I saw them. Faster take pic!!

Male saw me take photo. Faster then to female n squawk.

Female top faster hide behind branch

Lunch from cold storage.

Jumbo ribs and avocado. The ribs having some promo now.

Held a gym for 3 minutes. Vast improvement from less than a minute last week.


We 3 made it!!

Although all a little sleepy

This one don't wait for anybody and slept liow.

The food was good.

We shared starters of crispy frog legs.

Atas ceaser salad.

My mud crab curry pappardelle

Shared dessert of chocolate soil and charred watermelon

Spice pumpkin cake with jelly and butternutsquash ice cream.

Food was good but so little for me.

That's hot mummy @wokandkadhai carrying #paucheeks and trolling HS. Haha.

Blur looking Isaiah with aunty @jayelleenelial

Liselle is up, can go n grab Isaiah's hand.

Carrying liselle whilst mummy jo eats.

HS HS look here!!!

Isaiah so fascinated with @wokandkadhai and liselle. Smiling widely at them

And @jayelleenelial loves me. She read my Dayre n know I wanted this.

Even my hubs neh buy for me yet.

So sad.

Gonna cut some and eat now!

I'm so glad to be able to baby-date with these mom that have babies the same age.

Can share baby stories together and go through the same phases of babyhood together.

I'm glad that I started the chat group for Dayre March babies.

I did leave the group because I was not in the right frame of mind. I felt so disconnected with everyone. But with that group, I manage to connect with a few more ladies. So all is not lost.


Today's night time pump break record!!!!!

Is it because I'm very happy today?

Or that I ate some (ok some is half the durian moon cake) and then pump?


After hand expressing everything out, it's almost 8.5oz!

Double of my usual pump output!!!!!

Confirm durian is my milk booster!!!

Multitasking dad is multitasking.

Batdude is not feeling too great, hence did not go to work.

But he's "working" very hard at home. Studying and rocking Paucheeks to sleep.


Today's lunch is salmon belly sashimi and roast pork donburi.

Breakfast of pizza frittata.

Lunch. My roast pork and bbq pork 'salad' with onsen egg and 1 avocado.

Oh yesterday was Isaiah's first time going for a splash in chlorinated water too.

He seems ok. Didn't cry out loud. But he seems so small and in a boisterous place I was scared he would get frighten. Lots of other kids were splashing water at him, so I got him out after 10 minutes.

Showered him and changed him and passed him to the helper. Then I went to play with my big kid!!

Today my muscle is sore all over! I need to get active again man.

Overnight milk to see how much fat is actually in my milk.

I think this is a good amount. I would say quality of my milk is good.

Initially thought it was very thin with hardly any fat floating to the top. But looking at this, the fat content is definitely there now.

My daughter.

Is SO CUTE!!!!!!


Happy hour time!

And tandoori kebabs

If you love me, please get these for me.

Thank you.

#majorhint #needtomakequalitymilk




At Safra Punggol today.

Picking up korkor from mandarin class!

Omnyomnyom my fingers so tasty.

Operation increasing good fat in breast milk. Eat all the omega 3 fatty acid.

Am I a loser if my Pokemon actually manage to guard a gym??

Even only if it's for 1 minute haha. 😂😂😂

#dayrepokemon #pokemongo

I feel sometimes a lot of people get worked up on small reasons.

And that I have good reasons to be worked up but I won't or I can't.


Or maybe it is a small issue? I don't know. I'm still trying to figure out what could be the reason that my both my kids has "health issues". My genes so fucked up one ah? So many flaws in my genetic make up due to my exposure throughout my life.

I think I won't have another kid already. I can't take the health issues thing.

Small Baby

Shit… Small baby is small.

Dropped off percentile so got refer to the dr today.

And gave me referral to kkh to maybeeeeee do some battery of test if in a month he doesn't gain at least 500gm.

He is 4months and 13 days today.

Goal is to now put on 500-700gms by 15 September.

If he reaches that, then the clinic doctor says it's ok to cancel appointment to the specialist at the hospital.

If he doesn't, then we will go.

Corrective action now is:
1) increase breast milk every feed from 4oz to 5oz when I'm at work.
2) when I'm home, just keep latching which I've always been doing. Can't force him to drink if he doesn't want. He grumbles and pushes me away!!

Really mummy?

I'm not small, I'm just in a fun size!!!

Just keep (dry) swimming and heads up!!

Before I left for work I kept shoving my boobs into Isaiah's mouth.

I'm like "drink didi, drink"

At one point he got so frustrated, he arched his back in disgust. Haha then he shoved me away also.

I put him down on the floor and he was so happy. I think if he could crawl, he would have leapt from my arms and crawl away. No more force-feeding mama!!!

Ermmm ya, so it's not like we don't give him enough to drink, it's that he doesn't want!

You know, I have enough milk.

Yesterday took picture of my milk stash, all 32 packets of 4oz(120mls) each.

Wanted to haolian because it's not easy getting a sizable stash. But what's the point when your baby doesn't even take it???

Oh at least I can tell ppl I do have milk and that supply is not a problem.

Went to the babyfair.

And this was the face I left behind.

Still so smiley one!!!

Hair really like troll the dolls here.

And after vaccination still so good mood! But but but….y you small 😭😭😭😭

Got same ah?

Bought 2 Parklon mats to put in our bedroom. 1 on each side of our bed because worried that didi gonna roll over and fall. He has been. Flipping over in his sleep from back to front.

This is S size measuring 100cm x 55cm x 15mm (thickness).

Only $35 each. Very reasonable.


Look at the little peewee!!!

Ahahah so dam dunggu looking.

The baby, not the helper ah.

Kekekekkeek the little old man!!

Started gumming my nipples already this boy.

So gave him this teether to gum now.

Great breakfast for a bad night (and last evening)

Handsome leftover lunch.


The cutie, taken right before I left for work.


19 weeks milestone shots.

😮😮😮 look.


Parcel from mothercare is here.

Shit I forgot what I bought liow.

Errrr whoops.

I think I bought too much stickers from Melissa & Doug.

A few wooden toys for Isaiah.

Bird Park visit.

Guess where I am??

Plenty of pokestop and plenty of pidgets (real one)

Family picture.

Everyone is wearing the same clothes that we wore the last time we went to birdpark in May. 😑😑😑😑

The flamingos are super exciting! According to Isaac.

Where to go to next at the park.

Caught Pokemon-ing by the hubs.

Gross right?

#paucheeks and me.

Obligatory bird pics.

Oh wait, this one is a duck. It's dam hot that the fella also needs to be shaded from the sun.

Hello you noisy little fella.

Hungry ah?

Loving the iridescent plumes on this bird.

Sucks to be me now.

#1 and #2 both at the pits.

All meltdown from being over tired at the bird park.

Manage to shimmy out from the tight spot there.

My shoulders are fecking frozen. 😠

Round 2

So happy to be having this for dinner!

Zoodles with sesame lime dressing and pan fry salmon

Good morning!!!

I slept well last night because I don't spend my nights trolling people's Dayre and screenshot-ing "they say, she say" stuff.

These trolls, is it because they are losers in real life? Yups. Must be.

How sad to only feel pleasure, knocking people down on the Internet when in real life, they are one sad pathetic fucks of people.

Also I would like to add that my real life food (and confinement food) are so much yummier than yours.

I woke up to this!

Also good mood contributors!

Although the big one refuse to change to national day celebration clothes and refused to go school.


And also negative people. Just click unfollow.

Then if still unhappy, just delete Dayre app.

#sekian #publicannouncement

Also, I must thank these (or rather this-singular) troll for making me feel so important. Your life must be so sad and boring that you see the need to spin stories???

Those that got trolled should feel honored. Thank you ah….We must have made such an impact in your life.


And to think here me, was happily living my life, getting good job, moving new country and having cute kids. Oh n marrying a handsome capable man too. Must be a great subject for you to twist about.

I'm walking away happy like this cat with the balloon here.

I'm free of negative thoughts and wickedness and grudges.

It's not healthy to keep events of more than half a life time ago and bring it up now and then just to feel good.

Anyway, happy Monday!!!!

In the meantime, I'll go catch Pokemon and maybe brag about it here because I can!!!!

Cos I'm still on Dayre! And didn't do a self impose ban on myself. Hehe.


Have a good morning!!

Wohooo my workplace is a poke stop. And I caught one after alighting from bus.

Early morning singing. Or was it complaining???

Yesterday we went for a play date!!

Hello!!! But still holding my hand.

This introvert here then went off gallivanting on his own.

Climb up the spongy rocks.

But I must follow him and keep praising him.


Then Naomi came and the girls had each other to play with.

But Naomi is the hero here!!!

So brave to climb up the rope and into the rope tunnel just to get down the slides.

Chicken Isaac is chicken.

See see so brave!!! I also don't dare!!!

And it's quite high up. About 10-15ft??

Chicken only play with chicken things. Like this sound wave thing on the ground.

Then he saw the "French fries" place and proceeds to drag me there.

He said he doesn't like the playground because it's very hot. Refuse to go out. Wants to stay in here.

Mummy you ah!!!

Stop taking pic of me!!!

Thank you @pingu78 and @Eviee for taking time out and arranging for a play date.

Isaac tells me that there is only girls there so he doesn't like it and it's hot. He wants to go pororo again 😥😥😥😥.

And since when he knows that girls and boys play differently. I is sad. I never gender segregate or tell him girls and boys r different.


I might have done something.

Which may not have been a good idea.

Ooohhhh look at his cute feet in the cute slippers *distract you from the iPhone screen*

He was so chuff to be catching all the Pokemons.

I activated the incense so that he gets to catch as much as possible within 30 mins.

And he got to witness 2 eggs hatching from the incubator whilst we were walking around catching those Pokemons.

Family outing. Daddy, mummy and didi all came along. Hehe.

And this one!!

Suddenly so grown up!

Can sit with us in the dining table and watch us have dinner.

So ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Except I dunno why he looks so pissed off. Hehe.

Let's see what's the hype about.


Then I puke whilst tummy time and my #assholeparents took a picture of me first before cleaning me up.

Woo….what's this seat??

I like it daddy.

I couldn't resist.

Bought a fisher price monkey gift set. Because it looks like him!

Soothe & glow monkey, monkey coin clacker and monkey mandarin teether.

Finally used the Vivienne Tam + Starbucks swell tumbler to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

I made red dates and longan tea last night and pour it in at 9pm. It's not 2pm the next day and the tea is still hot!

Have you seen such a pretty wrapping paper before???

Bought it for my nieces present. Her 5th birthday. But I think the wrapper will be lost on her.

And Isaac wrote on the card addressed to her.

First time I see him actually "writing"

Bought the wrapper and the birthday card from a book shop called tango mango in tanglin mall.

Has a lot of kitschy cards and stuff. I do like it a lot surprisingly.

Walking up overhead bridge.

No signs of them.

Oh hello staryu.

Caught 7 in less than 30 mins.

Omg. What have I become. I saw a few ppl walking around in circles catching Pokemon too.

One guy with a grocery shopping trolley bag.

Me in action, caught by the husband.





What's this??


These are fake oranges.

Get them away from me, korkor.

No I promise you there are not fake didi, very nice one.

KK: can't believe he fell for it. #assholebrother.

Literally shove it into his mouth.

Was pumping and a Pokemon appeared!

Warehouse Mandom sale!!

In my head, I always think I look fine…not the hottest but decent.

I may think I'm a baguette, trying to wear skinny jeans and adopting a European-style of dressing and all.

But the reality is, I'm a xiaolongbao.

All soft and squishy (and so juicy inside 😋) with extras spilling gently over the side of the dam skinny jeans.

The only saving grace is I have a nice pair of eyes on my other wise plain face. Forget about looking well put together like a baguette. Embrace the xiaolongbaos. They're delicious!

Pumping now and spying on my little Paucheeks.

Drinking milk and stroking/rubbing his head vigorously with his hands. Maybe itchy and ah his face.

Gatsby haul.

Each round tub is $6.

The small hair gel $2-4 only.

Lucido-l haul

$2, $4, $4. So cheapppp

Heroine make haul

Each pack $15

Dolly Wink haul.

Liquid eyeliner, mascara and eyelashes: 1 for $10, 2 for $16.

Pencil eyeliner 1 for $5, 2 for $8.

Combo pack of eyeliner and eyelash: $15.

Cheap cotton pads!

Left: 2 box for $3
Right: 5 box for $1

👀😱😱😱 no need to think. Just buy!

Bifesta haul!!

1 item for $10.
Buy 5 free 1 = 6 item for $50!

Left armpits and flexor.

Left neck.

Left thighs.

Right neck.

Right armpits and flexor.

This side particularly bad.

Documentation purposes.

For me to compare with at the end of the month.

Batdude thinks it's seborrheic dermatitis. I also agree.

But I also think his baseline dryness may be with some milk issues.

Let's see if it clears up end of the month of being dairy free. Dairy is cleared from the body completely about 2-3 weeks.

Happy birthday to my mummy @maryannsee

I didn't go home to celebrate with you so I'll give you extra allowance when you come down next to Singapore la. Hehe.


Today will be Day-1 of me being dairy-free.

I hope to be compliant for my son(s) sake.

Wish me perseverance to be off milk and milk products until 31st August.

Wohooo. My first run after birth.

2km and almost died. It's a good start!!!

Snacking on macadamia nut waffle with almond butter as topping.

Dairy free is going great today.

Yesterday's baskin robin ice cream is going to languish in the freezer until @ashleysmq comes and eat it or batdude eats it. Ain't touching it. Ate some yesterday and My tummy looks 5 months pregnant. Very bloated and painful.

Breakfast was hokkien bak Chang, lunch was chicken rice from Zion hawker and dinner was rice with salted egg pork ribs and veg cooked by the helper.

Snacked on 2 lactation cookies today by @mrsergul and some satay fish chips.

Waffles ingredients are macadamia, eggs, maple syrup and coconut milk. Totally safe.

Butter is okay because it is fats of the milk.

It's the milk protein component which causes allergy.

So yeay!!!

I think I'll slowly ease back to paleo diet which cuts out processed sugar and grain/wheat based products too.

Just need to get helper to do the shopping of my meal plan.