Happy birthday to my mummy @maryannsee

I didn't go home to celebrate with you so I'll give you extra allowance when you come down next to Singapore la. Hehe.


Today will be Day-1 of me being dairy-free.

I hope to be compliant for my son(s) sake.

Wish me perseverance to be off milk and milk products until 31st August.

Wohooo. My first run after birth.

2km and almost died. It's a good start!!!

Snacking on macadamia nut waffle with almond butter as topping.

Dairy free is going great today.

Yesterday's baskin robin ice cream is going to languish in the freezer until @ashleysmq comes and eat it or batdude eats it. Ain't touching it. Ate some yesterday and My tummy looks 5 months pregnant. Very bloated and painful.

Breakfast was hokkien bak Chang, lunch was chicken rice from Zion hawker and dinner was rice with salted egg pork ribs and veg cooked by the helper.

Snacked on 2 lactation cookies today by @mrsergul and some satay fish chips.

Waffles ingredients are macadamia, eggs, maple syrup and coconut milk. Totally safe.

Butter is okay because it is fats of the milk.

It's the milk protein component which causes allergy.

So yeay!!!

I think I'll slowly ease back to paleo diet which cuts out processed sugar and grain/wheat based products too.

Just need to get helper to do the shopping of my meal plan.

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