Warehouse Mandom sale!!

In my head, I always think I look fine…not the hottest but decent.

I may think I'm a baguette, trying to wear skinny jeans and adopting a European-style of dressing and all.

But the reality is, I'm a xiaolongbao.

All soft and squishy (and so juicy inside πŸ˜‹) with extras spilling gently over the side of the dam skinny jeans.

The only saving grace is I have a nice pair of eyes on my other wise plain face. Forget about looking well put together like a baguette. Embrace the xiaolongbaos. They're delicious!

Pumping now and spying on my little Paucheeks.

Drinking milk and stroking/rubbing his head vigorously with his hands. Maybe itchy and ah his face.

Gatsby haul.

Each round tub is $6.

The small hair gel $2-4 only.

Lucido-l haul

$2, $4, $4. So cheapppp

Heroine make haul

Each pack $15

Dolly Wink haul.

Liquid eyeliner, mascara and eyelashes: 1 for $10, 2 for $16.

Pencil eyeliner 1 for $5, 2 for $8.

Combo pack of eyeliner and eyelash: $15.

Cheap cotton pads!

Left: 2 box for $3
Right: 5 box for $1

πŸ‘€πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜± no need to think. Just buy!

Bifesta haul!!

1 item for $10.
Buy 5 free 1 = 6 item for $50!

Left armpits and flexor.

Left neck.

Left thighs.

Right neck.

Right armpits and flexor.

This side particularly bad.

Documentation purposes.

For me to compare with at the end of the month.

Batdude thinks it's seborrheic dermatitis. I also agree.

But I also think his baseline dryness may be with some milk issues.

Let's see if it clears up end of the month of being dairy free. Dairy is cleared from the body completely about 2-3 weeks.

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