Let's see what's the hype about.


Then I puke whilst tummy time and my #assholeparents took a picture of me first before cleaning me up.

Woo….what's this seat??

I like it daddy.

I couldn't resist.

Bought a fisher price monkey gift set. Because it looks like him!

Soothe & glow monkey, monkey coin clacker and monkey mandarin teether.

Finally used the Vivienne Tam + Starbucks swell tumbler to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

I made red dates and longan tea last night and pour it in at 9pm. It's not 2pm the next day and the tea is still hot!

Have you seen such a pretty wrapping paper before???

Bought it for my nieces present. Her 5th birthday. But I think the wrapper will be lost on her.

And Isaac wrote on the card addressed to her.

First time I see him actually "writing"

Bought the wrapper and the birthday card from a book shop called tango mango in tanglin mall.

Has a lot of kitschy cards and stuff. I do like it a lot surprisingly.

Walking up overhead bridge.

No signs of them.

Oh hello staryu.

Caught 7 in less than 30 mins.

Omg. What have I become. I saw a few ppl walking around in circles catching Pokemon too.

One guy with a grocery shopping trolley bag.

Me in action, caught by the husband.





What's this??


These are fake oranges.

Get them away from me, korkor.

No I promise you there are not fake didi, very nice one.

KK: can't believe he fell for it. #assholebrother.

Literally shove it into his mouth.

Was pumping and a Pokemon appeared!

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